Tweets Lightsprocket

I had my mage down in Halfhill Market, she tends to float between her farm there planting herbs and the Shattrath Auction House, when I came across this NPC that I haven’t seen before.



She vanished while I was having a look on Wowhead for information about her. This is what they have to say about her:

She walks the path from Halfhill to Thunderfoot Fields, then goes south into Krasarang.¬† She has an Egbert companion that runs off a lot, so she’ll stop on the road and open a map til he returns. You can follow her, she might go invisible, especially when attacked, but Egbert doesn’t stealth so you can follow him. When she reaches¬†Krasarang she goes out of phase and can’t be followed anymore.

She’s pretty cute, I can’t believe I’ve never seen her before. Hopefully I see her again so I can follow along and see some of the comments she can come out with:

Tweets Lightsprocket says: Do you have any fizzy energy drinks? (to Bobo Ironpaw in Halfhill)
Tweets Lightsprocket says: Look at this astounding dirt! It’s so dirt-like!
Tweets Lightsprocket says: I’m going to ask Tina to come with me next time, she’d LOVE these plants!
Tweets Lightsprocket says: I have to take some of these flowers back home!
Tweets Lightsprocket says: I wonder if I’m too cute for the jungle?
Tweets Lightsprocket says: I wonder if my shoes are too fancy for exploring?

I love the NPCs that flit around the game.

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6 thoughts on “Tweets Lightsprocket

  1. It’s the little things like that which make the “world” feel alive. That’s one of the things I look forward to when a new expansion is released, being able to wander around exploring and coming across the flavour stuff.

    • You’re right, these things do make the world feel alive. It certainly makes the npcs feel more like real people than anything else, I do love stumbling across the hidden parts of wow. Well not really hidden but not flagposted, just there for you to discover or not, but still there.

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