No matter how hard I try to tell myself that I don’t really need another 90 geared up to raid on, every time my guild advertises for people for alt runs in either SoO normal or flex I get the urge to have an  alt that has an ilvl high enough to go and raid with. I can’t help it, running around the world completing loremaster or dropping into old dungeons or ineffectual attempts at finishing levelling blacksmithing  (I need how many cobalt bars!) just doesn’t hold my attention long enough to take away the wish for being able to have another 90 ready for raiding.

But what I don’t have that I really need for sticking with the gearing up is patience and that’s hampering my attempts. My priest has the worst luck when it comes to lfr. I know there are good lfrs out there but it seems when I zone in I come in to a group that is bickering or half the raid has already left and we wait for ages until the remaining half leave including me.  So needless to say the gearing up is going really slowly. She did run flex with Navi’s  Frostwolves  guild run last night which was great , but I have to say I make so many mistakes on her, I’m so used to a bigger health pool with my druid and having a ton of movement increases like displacer beast and dash that I misjudge what my priest can  do and  I tend to stand for a second too long in things thinking I can get away with it. And I really can’t, embarrassing to say but my priest died a few times to really dumb stuff last night.

But making up for all that is  simply how much fun she is to play. A  priest was my second toon I ever made so playing a priest is feels familiar and after getting a bit annoyed with trying to manage her mana as holy  with low spirit gear I changed her to disc and suddenly she’s really fun. No more ooming and as well as my standard heals I get to stand back and smite the heck out of the boss and people still get healed. I love it. It helps too that she is a gorgeous blood elf. I still haven’t reconciled myself to being a troll on my druid, I like pretty toons and currently troll ladies aren’t that pretty. I took the priest through Naxx the other day in the hope that the Halo helm piece would drop from Kel’Thuzad and it did. This is definitely my favourite priest tier armor item in the whole game. Combine it with Archangel wings and she looks so pretty.

naxx halo

Well I guess she’ll get there in the end and we still have a bit of time before Warlords is live so I’m sure to have her geared up enough to hold her own in a normal raid, one day.

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7 thoughts on “Alt-itis

  1. My bf told me we should try tank heals combo, and I should go disc. Well he said he should go protection, I didn’t have to change but come on, all my toons that can heal have tried it, and my priest is one I haven’t really considered to heal with! Only healed on old dungeons on my big girl priest, so maybe little priest can give it a go….. We’ll see! Sure would make dungeons easier.

    • The best thing about disc at low levels is you can usually end up doing as much dps as a healer as other dps, especially if you have heirlooms. When I was Raf’ing my little hunter/priest combo (still sitting at 40 now the RAF expired :p ) I had my priest as disc and would que both of them into a dgn as dps and it worked pretty well.

      • I just healed my first lot of instances and my gosh it was hard for my brain to switch to the mindset of doing dps as a part of my healing. I was like ok, smite, smite! Brain was like Lol,wut? Definitely fun though, and very new for me which is awesome!

        • Yay Grats :) That is cool you like disc healing. I find I really need to learn when to stop smiting and when to start healing. I see someone getting a little low and I think hmm will my heal from smite heal them or should I stop and actually heal them. I love spirit shell so much though, popping that and seeing all the absorb figures come up is fantastic. From a class with 0 absorbs to a class with maxium absorbs is such a change :)

  2. I hadn’t healed on a regular basis in a long time before I started healing on the priest. I found it weird to go from only really needing to atonement heal while leveling to have to actually figure out those real heal spells and cooldowns all of a sudden. Still probably do a bit too much atonement.

    I dropped my shadow spec for a holy spec as well, but I only used it a couple of times since. I am only doing LFR not normal so it doesn’t really matter what spec I am. I missed the shadow spec the other day when I needed to grind mobs for Black Prince rep though.

    • I think I’ll just have to respecc from shadow to holy and back again fairly regularly. I’ve already switched back to shadow because running ICC heroic was a pain in disc spec, things were dying way too slowly.

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