General wow stuff

I’m all over the place in wow atm.

I finally got started on levelling blacksmithing again on the Paladin. I gave in and did something I don’t usually do which was buy up all the mats I needed for the cata stage of blacksmithing because I have a ton of ghost iron ore and bars sitting on my engineer and jc so I really wanted to get to that level since I have the mats already. While I have some great friends who are happy to make my belt buckles for me, I hate having to bother them or wait for someone to log on so when I finally finish levelling I can do that for myself. The 2nd best part is I can make keys to open ghost iron lockboxes. I have a ton sitting in my guild bank and scattered across toons and I can’t wait to see whats in them.

The priest suddenly surged ahead in gear and is now sitting on a 530ilvl. My guild took some alts in on Malkarok clear the other night and she picked up a warforged cloak  which is great as she’ll be wearing it for a while. I only just got the test of valor quest from Wrathion on her so its 3 weeks before I can progress any further on the legendary. I’ll spend those 3 weeks killing mobs over on the Isle of Thunder so I have the rep with Wrathion for the next stage.

I decided with Cata being on sale for $5 I couldn’t pass it up and bought a copy and paid for the 2months so in a couple of months I’ll get the Zehevra mount I really want. I figured $35 while being possibly expensive for a mount is really a small amount to pay for a hobby that I love so much. So over the next 3 months I’ll use the RAF to level up an Orc hunter on Barthilas and maybe a levelling buddy for my Tauren druid on Saurfang to get that levelling going again, maybe a shaman.

On the main, I’m back to that eternal decision between haste and mastery. I’m not happy with my druid atm. She hasn’t been that lucky with gear lately, though she did get heroic gloves so I shouldnt complain, but she hasn’t had any other major upgrades for a while and I’ve noticed that the other druid in the raid has coined and won a fair bit of gear that gives him a lot higher mastery than me even though our haste is the same and its reflecting in the healing figures. However when he popped on a chest that was higher in haste and lower in mastery his figures and mine became a lot more comparable. So I’m wondering if mastery will win out against haste and since I’m sacrificing spirit and mastery to maintain my haste cap atm would I be better off going back down to 3043 haste and loading up on mastery.  It’s tricky because most things I read say that 13163 will  give the best healing numbers and I’m not sure if there is a point where mastery stops giving such good results. I don’t want to end up with 50% mastery only to find it stops being effective at around the 30% mark, if that makes sense. I think the only way to find out is to test it out for myself so  I’ve decided to gather  up the gems/enchants to be able to change down to 3043 and just in case; enough gems to go back up to 13163 if it fails badly.

Any druids that have thoughts on 3043/13163 feel free to comment. I swear I could talk about haste/mastery all day. Luckily the other druid in my raid feels the same way and we do spend long conversations talking about the subject.

Apart from that my list of things I want to do in the game gets ever longer:

  • Go see Karazhan soon  since there is talk of it being changed on the PTR
  • Finish loremaster
  • Finally get my alliance druid to 90, poor thing has 30% to go and has been stuck in limbo on the timeless isle for a week now
  • Maybe level my dk more, she stares accusingly at me every time I hover over her on the loading screen. She’s been stalled at 73 for a long time now despite how fun she is to play. Her mailbox, though she doesn’t know it, is full of gear for her when she reaches 80 and 85 thanks to my blacksmith levelling. Maybe if I log in and collect it she’ll be happier, but then she’ll probably stare even more accusingly as she’ll want to wear it.
  • Attempt the celestial tournament again. I’ve slowly been levelling mechanical pets because that’s where I got stuck last time so I should get up the courage and go back in.
  • Take my only Draenei, the 44 pally, over to Bloodmyst Isle so she can do all the quests for the Tabard of the Hand which I only just heard about.

So much wow, so little time.

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4 thoughts on “General wow stuff

  1. It’s not really $35 because you get a month free when you buy the first month so it’s really only $20 which is cheaper than the store ;) Just keep telling yourself that!

  2. I feel kinda like a jerk for pointing this out after you spent the money to buy Cata mats, buuuut …

    You can actually learn blacksmithing projects from the trainer in the Shrine that use Ghost Iron exclusively to level blacksmithing. It just takes a crapton of ghost iron, and by a crapton, I mean a CRAPTON.

    • Oh thats ok, I knew that. But if I wanted to go that route I would have been farming for weeks or buying up a ton of ghost iron compared to only needing a few obsidian and elementium bars.

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