Isle of Giants

A new zone added in 5.2 is a new island at the top of Kun-lai Summit called Isle of Giants. You can fly either on your own mount or from the flight point from near Zouchin village.  It’s a primordial wonderland full of giant dinosaurs wandering the land.

WoWScrnShot_030613_175429 WoWScrnShot_030613_175358

After prowling around as a stealthy kitty for a while I came across a vendor that sold Intact Direhorn Hides, which allowed me to turn into a dinosaur for myself.


But what is the point of this island given there are no quests or any reason to come here apart from looking at dinosaurs? A quick google of the isle turned up some interesting things:


There are four little raptor pets that drop of the Zandalari Dinomancer’s.

Ku’ma the Bone Collector – a troll with a strange obsession for bones. 999 will get you a Spectral Porcupette.


If you are very into collecting bones 9,999 will see you being the owner of a  Reins of the Bone-White Primal Raptor.

The dinosaurs on the Isle also have a chance to drop a primal egg that will hatch into a black, green or possibly red raptor.


Hunters have the chance to find an Ancient Tome of Dinomancy which will allow them to tame a direhorn pet.

Journals that  count for Zandalari Library Card drop here.

This is most definitely a fun place to go and have a look around. Go up today.


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