Jin’rokh the Breaker


First boss in Throne of Thunder

So far both teams I raid in have downed this boss, he’s a pretty interesting fight with some tricky mechanics that will wipe you very easily if you do it wrong. I’ll do a quick overview of his fight and what my druid’s team does.

Raid lineup

  • 2 Tanks
  • 2-3 Heals
  • 5-6 Dps

Who we have:

  • Guardian druid
  • Prot warrior
  • Disc priest
  • Resto druid
  • Resto sham
  • Beast Mastery hunter
  • Arcane mage
  • Shadow priest
  • Enhance sham
  • Ret Paladin

Basic overview of the fight

30 seconds after you engage him, he will pick a tank to throw towards one of the statues placed around the room. Once the tank lands they receive  damage and stunned for 6 secs. This has an 14 yd radius so make sure no dps are stacked on the location where the tank will potentially land.

Where the tank lands a conductive water pool forms; anyone standing in the water receives Fluidity, a 40% buff to damage done and 60% to healing received, however they also take 50% increased nature damage. Double edged sword in that mechanic.

During the fight there is constant raid damage going out from Static Burst. While at the same time he places Static Wound  on a tank which means damage the tank takes is replicated throughout the raid, this means tank swaps are necessary.

Every 15 secs or so,  Jin’rokh sends out orbs of lighting to a random raid member. Interestingly melee aren’t targeted. When the orb  hits the player  it detonates and deals damage to all in 8  yds.  If it hits a player still standing in a pool it deals significant damage to all in the water and is basically a wipe. When it detonates on the player it leaves a fissure on the ground. Any subsequent orbs kited over this fissure deal further damage.  This is completely avoidable by watching your kiting patterns.

Every 90 secs,  Jin’rokh casts Lightning Storm, the biggest source of raid damage in the fight. Lightning Storm is a 15 sec channeled cast. He basically electrifies the pool of water as well as dealing signficant AOE damage. You need to stack in a place where players aren’t going to be affected by fluidity (check your buff has fallen off) and heal through it.

This pattens continues until he has cast 4 pools and 4 storms. The fourth lightning storm is pretty much a soft enrage as you essentially run out of safe places to stand.

Our Strat.

We marked the four statues with colours which meant the tank who was thrown could quickly call the colour for the dps and heals to run to the pool as it formed.

Static wound debuff requires a tank swap,  as any melee damage that tank takes is transferred to the rest of the raid. Our main tank runs in and gets aggro, using damage mitigation cooldowns until thrown. The off tank picks up the boss and holds him until static wounds is applied to them by which time the main tank should be free from the stun and his stacks of Static Wound has fallen off. It’s just a continual process of taunting back and forth after Static Wound is put on.

Once the tank lands, the dps and heals run to the water, we do have everyone standing it, though some teams I’ve talked to leave a healer out to avoid the extra damage. We use time warp once everyone is in the first pool.

When focused orbs comes out the targeted person runs to the nearest alcove and drops the orb there. We try to stack the subsequent orbs/fissures close to each other.

Every 90 secs, Jin’rokh casts Lightning Storm. Given how damaging lightning storm is we call to run out of the pool very early. At 10 secs out, everyone moves to stack on the tanks, in the middle of the room but out of the water, check your buff! It’s quite easy to still be on the edge of a pool without realising. Quite often a player will get an orb on them right before a lightning storm meaning they are still running an orb out when they need to be stacked for heals. In this case we just run the orb the minimum distance out of the group, let it detonate and run back or we use leap of faith to get them back fast. The pool that spawns will absorb the fissure though it will add a bit more raid damage as it does so.

You need to co-ordinate your healing and raid cooldowns here. The lightning storms are 1.5min apart so you really only need 2 rotations worked out. For our team we use

1st/3rd Storm                                                                  2nd/4th Storm

  • Rallying Cry                                                              Power word:barrier
  • Tranquility                                                               Tranquility
  • Devotion Aura                                                         Spirit link totem
  • Ascendance/Healing stream totem                    Vampiric Embrace

Also make sure players are using personal defensive cooldowns.

Rinse and repeat for 4 pools and he will go down and you’ll get your loot and then move onto Horridon. Affectionately known as the horror dino dude.

For a much more detailed guide, see Icy Veins one, it has a good video too.


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