Why are there night elves there..

I have always wanted a blood elf character, I use my Orb of the Sin’dorei on cooldown and  I’ve made many blood elf baby toons but never levelled them. All the people I regularly play with are on alliance side and as I really enjoy playing with them, I’ve remained alliance. I had been tossing up  moving a  toon to horde side to get the double agent achievement but it had simply been an idea playing in the back of my mind as something to get around to sometime.  Until a friend expressed interest as well and we decided it would be a great plan. And so Arzira the Human Warlock became Arzira the Blood Elf Warlock.


We started to quest in the Jade Forest, the starting zone for Mists of Panderia,  and it was fantastic. I’ve levelled 5 alliance toons through the Jade Forest so far and it honestly has to be said I was getting a little bored with the quest lines but the horde perspective makes it seem fresh and new. Along the way I came across across a quest for Taren Zhu where he wants me to describe my lineage and part of the quest shows an image of my “family”.


Notice at the back there are two night elves standing there.

This puzzled the heck out of me, why I wondered why are there night elves there..this can’t be right. What do Night Elves have to do with being in a Blood Elf’s family tree.

It continued to puzzle me until I started to do some reading into lore of the Blood Elves and Night Elves and I realised that everything I thought about those two races was completely and utterly incorrect. I was immediately amazed and waffled about it to anyone that would listen and of course I realised that this is  quintessential lore that everyone should know about it.. Bear with me as you’re about to get a crash course on the history of elves in Azeroth.

In the beginning there was the Kal’dorei, a race of elves that physically resembled the night elves we play in game.  They lived in Kalimdor which at that time  was actually one great big land mass. The Kal’dorei were arcane users, drawing their power from the well of eternity. Kal’dorei society was dived into the noble Highborn and the not-so noble. The Highborn began to draw more heavily on the power from the well.

Their use of this power in time drew the attention of Sargeras, a ruler of demons from the burning legion. Ultimately the ensuing war split the continent into Eastern Kingdoms, Maelstrom and Kalimdor. The remaining Kal’dorei, quite upset over what had happened, drew a distinction between the arcane users considering them to be the cause of the trouble and so they left the Highborn arcane users to their devices and withdrew to the forests where they stuck to nature based magic.

The Highborn just couldn’t stop using their arcane magic though and after a time unleashed a storm of magic over Ashenvale,  sparking another battle. The Kal’dorei, seriously annoyed by now, exiled their renegade family branch to the newly formed Eastern Kingdoms where they formed the Quel’dorei or “high elves”. Over time the Quel’dorei took on the appearance we see in blood elves today.

Here in the Eastern Kingdom, the Quel’dorei settled at Quel’thalas and built the Sunwell, a source of power for their arcane magic, founded by a vial of stolen well of eternity water.  There they  lived in relative seclusion until they were attacked by trolls. The leader of the time, Anasterian Sunstrider, approached the humans for help, in return they passed on their arcane knowledge to humans and so human mages were born.

Returning again to seclusion and neutrality, the Quel’dorei lived in relative peace until Arthas Menethil invaded their lands seeking the arcane power contained in the Sunwell. The ensuing battles were fierce and bloody and many elves died. Their leader, Kael’thas Sunstrider, rallied the remaining elves and renamed them Sin’dorei or Blood Elves in recognition of their lost members.

And so we have the Night elves of Kalimdor and Blood elves of Eastern Kingdoms with distinctly different appearances both sharing a common ancestry and that is why there are Night Elves in my warlock’s family tree.

If any of this sparked your interest a more detailed explaination can be found at wowinsider.

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