Hero of the Mag’har

Part of the magic of WOW for me lies in the extensive lore that surrounds the game. Spotting characters like Malfurion or Arthas or Jaina in the game is akin to celebrity spotting, I want to know all about them. So when I was questing in Nagrand on the low-level druid and warrior the other day and I saw a /yell emote from Thrall on my chat screen, you can tell instantly that I would be interested and want to know just what was going on.  Flying around over the zone I came across some event occurring just outside of the Horde town of Garador.


After getting sick of being killed by the horde guards I decided to go get the warlock and have a closer look and see if I could work out if this was where Thrall was.  Garador is fantastic, just inside the town wall there is a young Garrosh Hellscream standing by the fire. Seeing him here definitely sparked my interest in the area but still no Thrall.


A quick google of Thrall in Nagrand turned up a questline for Hero of the Mag’har that Wowhead has marked obsolete. I was a bit disappointed by that but figured since I was in the area and I’ve never quested in Nagrand on a horde toon I may as well do a few of the quests there to get the Npcs to like me and let me see what they had for sale.

Before too long I realised that the quests I was doing were part of the line that wowhead was telling me was removed. I was hooked and decided to follow it along to the end to see how far I could get to making Thrall come out to Nagrand. Turns out the complete quest still is there. The questline involves a chain of about 41 quests that take you all over Nagrand killing ogres, talking to Orc ancestor ghosts, visiting the Naa’ru in Shatterath as well a  quick side quest into Auchenai Crypts. Along the way you learn a bit of the history of Garrosh; the orcs there don’t really like him – referring to him as an “ineffective whelp” as he refuses to act as a leader as he overcome by helplessness and utterly miserable that it was his father that was responsible for  cursing the orcs.

Finally, you get to talk to the Greatmother Geyah, who turns out to be Thrall’s grandmother. Once you reveal to her that Thrall is alive and well, he comes to visit her, with his honor guard which was what I saw lined up at the gate.


Once there, he cheers up the miserable Garrosh by showing him the fight between Thrall and Grom (Garrosh’s dad) and Mannoroth where Grom finally broke his curse and freed the orcs. You even get to see the fight between the three.

WoWScrnShot_040213_145054 WoWScrnShot_040213_145132 WoWScrnShot_040213_145207

This would have to be one of the more epic lore quests in the game for me. It was amazing to see and makes me wonder just what else is hiding in the game that I don’t know about. Even after nearly 3 years of playing this game I realise there is still so much left to see and do.


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