What to take to a new realm?


Imagine yourself suddenly set down surrounded by all
your gear, alone on a tropical’ beach close to a native village,
while the launch or dinghy which has brought you sails away
out of sight.                                                                                                                               Bronislaw Malinowski

While comparing a realm change to the experiences of a famous Anthropologist, facing an extended stay with a native tribe he’s never met before, might be a bit cheeky, I’m sure there are many similarities. Will I be able to fit in? Will I be able to speak their language and understand them? Will they like me? and finally and most important,  what will I take with me?

I’ve decided I’d really like to see what a big raiding realm is like. My realm is great but according to wowprogress it’s ranked around the 85th mark with a population of  7000 people who have killed a current tier boss or been in a guild that has killed something in current tier. When you compare it to say a realm like Illidan that is number 1 ranked realm with a population of 22,641,  you can see that it is quite small on the raiding scale.

So to that end I’ve decided I’d like to move my new priest to a raiding realm and finish her levelling process over there while I look around. And that leads to a few decisions: 1. Which realm and 2. What to take.

1. Which Realm

I’ve decided on 3 realms to have a look at before I make my final decision. Malganis (US), Frostmourne (Oceanic) and Zul’jin (US) . All are in the top 10 ranked realms; Mal’ganis and Frostmourne are both PVP though Zul’jin is PVE. The advantage of Frostmourne is that it is in my timezone but its PVP and Alliance dominated (I want to be a Belf) which I’m not sure about. Time to hit the forums and make a low level toon to sit in a city and watch trade for a bit.

2. What to take

For a long time now I’ve been pretty self-sufficient, with 5 toons at 90 I have pretty much all the professions covered so if I want something I make it. My new priest won’t have that luxury so I want to kit her out with as much as I can before she goes.

Her professions are enchanting and tailoring so she’ll need limited numbers of them though I will send some with her so she’ll be ready to go as soon as she hits 90. The better wrist and weapon enchants as well as leg enchants from tailoring are gated behind reputation with factions that she will need to grind after hitting 90 so she won’t have these for a while if I don’t send them with her now.

So far my basic list includes

  • Gems
  • Shoulder Enchants
  • Reputation Enchants
  • BOA 476 staff from inscription
  • Flasks
  • Level 90 crafted gear  so she can hopefully slide into lfrs and MV fairly quickly

What am I missing? Am I overthinking/underthinking this?


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