Pandas, Pandas, Pandas and do I want a male toon?

I have a friend, she is hooked on Pandas. Seriously hooked, I have had many long email conversations with her about the cuteness factor, bounciness status and general panda talk. Though to be honest our emails are not limited to pandas, she also sends me many emails about lore, npc status (thanks to her I now know about Cro and Granny Smith), quests and general wow talk. In fact I don’t think she works, it’s simply an excuse to use company email to talk about wow.

She loves pandas so much she (also being an altoholic) has made 5. Here, meet Potbelly, her latest panda addition, he’s a cutie isn’t he.

potbelly 1I logged on this morning to find many shots of a posing Potbelly in my inbox.

She is seriously considering changing her main toon, a Night Elf priestess, to pandahood. But not just any panda, a male panda. Her reasoning, because they jump/dance/sit better of course. Which,  after watching Potbelly dance in Stormwind last night, I tend to agree. I have a little Panda girl and comparing them, well Potbelly was just cooler.

big pall a

But it got me thinking, I’ve never made a male toon before. In fact for a long time, I took people’s gender behind the screen to be the same as what they were on-screen. For ages I was in a tiny and closed guild where we didn’t pug out much, so it wasn’t until only recently when I branched out and made a guild with friends and started pugging a lot and speaking on vent with those pugs that I realised how common it is for guys to play girl toons, but I don’t come across quite as many girls playing boy toons.

I have to admit some of the male animations are fantastic, a Night Elf male caster beats the female animation in my mind and a male Tauren warrior is just fearsome. Maybe it’s  time I broke out of my comfort zone and tried a male toon.


5 thoughts on “Pandas, Pandas, Pandas and do I want a male toon?

    • True, Potbelly did look very cute laying on his stomach, maybe I should have included a photo of him in that pose too. Thanks for the many photos of him :).

  1. I play male toons a lot. Ok, more than a lot. Out of 11 toons that hit 85 in Cata, only one was a female, and she was the first toon I ever rolled. It’s like you said, the animations really make a difference to me.

  2. Hi, I’m glad I’m not the only one that likes the differences in animations. Tbh I don’t think I’ve rolled a male toon before, though I have been turned off playing some races simply because I personally don’t like the female character. I think one of my goals will definately go try a few male toons out to see the differences. Maybe I’ll finally have a Worgen if I like the male version 🙂

    • Heh. Strangely enough, Worgen is one where I prefer the females. My poor male got relegated to bank duty. He’s a caster though. I think if he were melee I might have liked him, the flip is kinda neat.

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