The Windrunner sisters and a little speculation

I love the story of the 3 high elf Windrunner sisters; Alleria, Sylvanas and Vareesa.


The eldest sister, Alleria, joins with the Alliance in order to try to drive orc forces out of Lordaeron. She is eventually sent beyond the dark portal in order to try to exterminate orc forces forever.  However, in Outland, Alleria and Turalyon (her human paladin love interest), go missing and haven’t been seen since.



WoWScrnShot_033113_015013Sylvanas was known as a military genius, becoming a ranger in the high elven army, she rose through the ranks until she became the Ranger-General of Silvermoon, leader of the high elven force. She fought against Arthas when he invaded Qual-thas in his attack against the Sunwell. However, she died and was raised as an undead.  She eventually  regains her free will, forms and leads the forsaken and becomes a powerful figure in horde politics.  With this expansion seeing the end of Garrosh as warchief, could Sylvanas step up and be the next warchief?


Vareesa the youngest Windrunner sister, also a member of the rangers met and married Rhonin, a human mage who became leader of the Kirin Tor, a group of mages trying to achieve peace between the horde and alliance. Varessa herself became leader of the Silver Covenant, high elves who oppose the inclusion of blood evles  in the Kirin Tor. Now she can be found working on the Isle of Thunder in Panderia.

It makes me wonder with 2 members of the family having such prominent roles in World of Warcraft if, and this is pure speculation, perhaps Alleria will have a role to play yet.   You might notice that part of that helpful little tooltips Blizzard puts on the loading screen includes the phrase “no one has seen Alleria or Turalyon  in years”. Every time I see that I wonder why it’s there; it could be a tongue in cheek reference to no one going to Outland zones much anymore or it could be a subtle heads up that this last member of the Windrunner family may still have a role to play in future expansions. I hope so.


3 thoughts on “The Windrunner sisters and a little speculation

  1. The cool thing about this post, Zeirah, is that now someone has told me about Vareesa windrunner! I keep hearing her name, but it’s not a horde thing so at least now I have an idea about who she is – Rhonin at least, I know!

  2. Thanks Navimie, I think one of the best things about this game is the amount of lore tucked away; there’s always a story behind almost every npc in the game. Glad you liked it 🙂

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