We only need one more stack and we’ll pass this boss….

Warning: the following post may contain a mini-rant. Read on at your own discretion or come back tomorrow for a transmog post.

The title of this post is a comment that was put in raid chat in the LFR  I did last night. The person was talking about the stacks of determination, the buff your raid gets when they wipe to a boss.

“To encourage Raid Finder groups to persevere, each time an Raid Finder group wipes on a boss fight all players in the group receives a stacking buff that increases health, damage dealt, and healing done by 5% (up to a maximum of 10 stacks).

I’m not sure if Blizzard could see the unintended use of the buff as a strategy to get around mechanics in LFR. I’m sure it wasn’t intended to be like that, and hopefully it doesn’t work out that way. But the idea was embraced by a few in that group last night and it was suggested a few times to “just die already, and we’ll get another stack”.

The new LFR’s are a step up in mechanic difficulty, and while I know that not everyone wants to read a guide on how the particular fight  works especially as there are 16 bosses to learn in TOT, simply encouraging your group to die in order be able to overcome the mechanic rather than have an idea of what is happening and how to deal with it is not the way to go.

I do read guides on fights, though not in great detail unless my raids are only 1 or 2 bosses away from that boss on normal mode, but even having read just an overview, I find having some sort of idea of what to expect makes it so much more enjoyable and even easier. So watching people want to wipe to bypass knowing what to do is just eye-rolling inducing. In fact, it almost makes me want to go out and buy a seriously large amount of chocolate for some comfort snacking.

Without being a negative nancy (Thank you Syl; I use this phrase way too much now you’ve put it into my head 😛 ), I really hope comments like what I saw last night don’t become commonplace and certainly don’t get acted on. And while I know that even if they are, it’s likely only to be a few weeks until the majority know the fight enough to not die it’s still irksome to go into a fight and see people encouraging wipes rather than learning how to execute them properly.


2 thoughts on “We only need one more stack and we’ll pass this boss….

  1. I was in an LFR the other night and had exactly the same thing to me, except they said it before we had even started. The comment was that we should all take our gear off (to avoid the damage to it) and just die 5 or 6 times to get the buff, and then zerg it. I was so angry I left, because that’s exactly what they did after the first wipe.
    What gets me is why these people are in LFR in the first place? Why come in to a raid environment if you don’t want to raid? It can’t be for the gear, because seriously, what do you need gear for if you’re not going to raid? If it’s just gear they can get it from rep grind and buy it and craft it. And they’re clearly not in there for the fun of it. It boggles my mind, and really frustrates me.
    I actually really love this tier. Sure I hate Horridon and a few other fights, but overall I really enjoy it. So when things like this happen in LFR I just get very very disappointed. Have to say, though, it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who’s annoyed by it. 🙂

  2. Hey Cinder :).Thank god the lfr I was in wasn’t that extreme or I’d have left too. I know there is a heap of mechanics to learn for each fight, but to to deliberately stack the buff to escape having to do them properly is just wrong and a waste of time.

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