Haywire, I love you.

I was over on the Isle of Thunder last night doing a few dailies when I ventured down to the beach and saw Haywire run past. The beach was dead empty and there had been no commentary in chat since I got there. I was on my horde toon so I’m not sure if the quietness is from the lack of hordies or just the hour of the night I was there, but I thought I’d put the call out in General and see if anyone turned up. I waited a bit and still no one turned up.  I was trying to decide if I wanted to attempt him on my own, after all what’s 10.5m health, when the decision was suddenly taken out of my hands. I had been standing too close to where he patted back and Haywire decided to jump on me.

I’d like to say I was holding my own against him but I really wasn’t; then an orc warrior turned up, the most welcome sight in the world right then. He went on my focus so a few heals could be thrown on him and Haywire eventually went down. There was a human warlock there but I’m not sure if she was just watching or helping.

I got a tome of valor and a boa rep commendation which were welcome; free vp and rep are never to be scoffed at but best of all, Haywire gave me a Sunreaver micro-sentry pet.

sunreaver petThis pet seems even  more fitting as Z is now horde.


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