Such a simple improvised roleplay.

Let me tell you about a simple scenario that happened yesterday, it was really fun. Unfortunately I didn’t think to take a photo, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

I went over to Wrathion to pick up my quest from him; it had reset when I went horde, I would assume because as part of the quest Wrathion shows you an image from the horde perspective. While I was there, my friend Snoo the mage came up,  he had to do the same thing as we both moved toons to horde at the same time.

While we were there an alliance Pandarean hunter comes in and starts talking in common,  so of course we couldn’t understand it.  Snoo and I start talking in orcish about how misguided this panda was and how it made the wrong choice when picking a faction,  and just look at its simple attempts to communicate with its betters and how we couldn’t understand it, and so on. Each time after Snoo and I would make a comment in /say,  the hunter would respond with a comment in /say so it was sort of like a conversation between the three of us, the sort you’d have when you  just have no idea of what the other person is saying or even what language they were communicating in.

Snoo /shoo’d it so it /cried and I /patted it which cheered it up. Well I assume the excited clapping and jumping would indicate it cheering up, though of course I could be wrong and perhaps it was some strange aggressive ritual it was performing. While Snoo and I were talking about how if it only was more civilised we could have it as a pet,  the hunter right on que emoted /bite at Snoo which was so fitting since we had just talked about it being a primitive beast.

It then emoted /hungry at Snoo , so he put a mage table down,  we both sat down and ate from it, the hunter must have had food in its bag so it sat down and ate with us at the same time, so it looked like we were all sharing a meal. Our conversation changed to how if only we could understand it maybe there would be hope for the two factions, all the while the hunter is still talking to us in common at every pause in our conversation.  Then when Snoo put up a portal we all waved goodbye to  each other and went on our way.

Something so simple and random and completely unplanned turned out to be a highlight of the evening 🙂 Though I do wonder what the hunter was saying to us…



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