Omg I got Navispammed!!

I am so super excited, in fact even as I type this I’m still grinning. I got Navispammed by Navimie, the author of  The Daily Frostwolf:Druid Edition. One of the first wow blogs I read and I never commented until I decided to start blogging too. One of my daily acts to is to check her blog for updates,  so to get to meet someone whose adventures I love reading about is just too exciting for words.. well obviously not for words as I’m about to type a lot. For those of you who don’t know, being Navispammed means Navimie makes a level one toon on your server and comes to meet you. A serious honor and if you pop over to her blog  here, you can see a photo album of all the people she has met in wow.

On Sunday, I got a whisper from Rumpy, one of my battlenet friends and fellow horde guildie saying that someone called Navimie was looking for Zeirah, (poor Rumpy may have had received a  chat screen full of OMGs).  But unfortunately at the time I was on my alliance priest in the middle of throne of thunder and even though Navimie had amazingly come all the way to my server and was in Mulgore  I couldn’t meet her just then.

So tonight before shutdown, we tried to meet again. I came out to Mulgore to meet Navimie, here we are with her little toon that she made to come over to my realm.


Then we realised we could probably cross realm party up so Navi could come and show me her real Navimie toon.  Here we areWoWScrnShot_043013_193100 in the traditional horde zone of Durotar.. does it sound really impressive when I say it like that? The truth is, and I’m so embarrassed but,  I never thought to go anywhere cool for photos with Navimie, I was just so darn excited she had come to visit me that I think I lost my head and the effort of restraining myself from running around shouting out loud meant any coherent thoughts I had flew right out the door.


My friend Snoonose came to visit with Navi too which was really exciting to see us all in the one spot, especially given that Snoo gets to hear all about what I read on blogs each day so he was aware of who Navimie was.




We all met up in the Shrine for a spot of mount sharing and pet tales. I love this little guy of Navimie’s. He’s from the Paris Invitational 2008, I am super jealous now given how cute this pet is.


I showed Navi my favourite mount, the Karazhan horse which all 3 of us have, yay! Look how lucky that Tauren is, she gets a bigger version!


We showed off transmogs, I love the green outfit Navimie has on, I’m going to do a transmog post on it in a bit, it’s a really cool druid outfit. I have to admit to a bit of Tauren envy while I was eyeing off her toon, they just seem so much more druidish than a troll with flaming red hair.

WoWScrnShot_043013_195454We were all going to head off and do a cross-realm Oondasta (see Navi on the Oondasta mount)  but the dinosaur from hell refused to spawn for us and then just as I was working up the courage to suggest a battleground or a dungeon,  with perfect blizzard timing, we got the  shutdown message so had to say goodbye.

I still can’t believe I got to meet one of my favourite bloggers, what an experience 🙂

Thank you so much for coming to meet me Navimie, it won’t be a Tuesday I forget.


12 thoughts on “Omg I got Navispammed!!

  1. I was so happy to meet you, so I am super thrilled you were just as happy to meet me! And you know it is also very awesome that someone is in the same TIMEZONE and same CONTINENT which means I can find you at my normal playtimes 😀 I was bummed we couldn’t do something together, but hopefully we can do something soon just for fun! A quick dungeon perhaps? ZOMG Cross realm old raid? I am sure we will chat more – lots more – in the future!

    • Pfft, don’t apologise! I never expect anyone to drop everything and see me(often people are raiding) but I do like to surprise people 😀 Besides, we found other times to meet up so all good!

  2. lol who to reply to first 🙂 It was fun and she sure is a world traveller 🙂 Navimie you must have toons on so many realms by now.
    Cinder I was a bit distracted during our horri attempt but it was all good 🙂
    And yep its super great that we’re getting to meet people that are in the country, Syl thinks we should stage our own ausblizzcon and have a wow catchup. Most of the people I know live on the east coast of Aus so we should pick a time and date and meet up 🙂

  3. I totally understand the ‘awesomeness’ factor involved here. Navi is like a WoW phenomenon, Blizz should really pay her. Lol. I’ve been so busy with real life, I haven’t even been checking my favorite haunts lately. Looks like I’ve missed quite a bit! :/ Anyway, Zeirah, thanks for sharing!! 😀

  4. Navispam is fun, but knowing she’s coming can be more nerve wracking than having In-Laws visit. What have I got to wear? Are all the toys picked up? Will the children be on Good Behavior?

    • I know, I even had warning Navi was coming and I still didn’t think about what to do, and kept putting my shoulders on that didnt match the rest of my outfit, oh the shame 🙂

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