PvP Dailies

Since I was vp capped, I thought I would try something different the other night and went to the Isle of Thunder to try out the PvP dailies. I quite like PvP s a resto druid and I thought it might be a good way to get a few more honor and conquest points.

The quests were pretty fun, I was expecting to get jumped on by alliance players especially as the quest locations are right at the Violet Rise, the alliance quest hub on the Isle. But I wasn’t, either it was the lateness of the hour or I was just lucky, but I was left alone to quest in peace.

One of the quests gave me pause though, you have to destroy an Arcane Destroyer who spawns arcane amplifier’s around him which buff his attacks. I was not keeping up with self healing against him. I even tried killing the amplifiers but just died miserably and quickly. A quick wowhead search of the quest turned up this little gem,

“Jump into the ocean behind him, range pull. Once in the water go out a little further from the shore, but stay just underwater. The arcane amplifier that spawns as a result of Charged Beam will spawn at the bottom of the ocean and stays there – out of range from it’s effects.”

Arcane Destroyer

So that’s exactly what I tried and it worked really well (you can see the sunken amplifier near the arrow). Thank you wowhead.

Also, I noticed this:

force projection close up

The Kirin-Tor Spellblades are using a spell called Force Projection. Each time they did this all I could think about was Star Wars and  Jedi’s.

Overall, the dailies were a nice change from running around and killing Sauroks and they seemed much faster too, which is handy if I’m just doing dailies to build up a stack of the lesser charms. I think once I’m VP capped each week I’ll probably do a few more of the PvP dailies.


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