Gilneas and the Worgen starting area

I did have a post written and ready to go about exploring the phased location of Gilneas. I had  Z in the area collecting pets and  I noticed I was right near Gilneas, the phased Worgen starting area. I haven’t made a Worgen before so I’ve never really looked around so thought I’d fly over and see what was actually there. I wasn’t expecting much but a blank landscape seeing all the action takes place in a phased zone but I was pretty surprised that there is heaps to see even without NPCs running around.  Alliance camps that look like they have just been left a few minutes ago with still burning fires. The imposing  Greymane Manor to poke around in, complete with dinner about to be served. Poking my nose into all the ruins was quite fun and I  have to admit I ignored a few calls to come and join an oondastata group, “not now. I’m exploring you know”.

But before I posted that, I decided since I wasn’t raiding and I didn’t have much else on to make a worgen just to see the starting area. And oh wow, what an amazing trip. This is definitely one of the best starting zones I have done.

human formworgen form
I battled forsaken, got to watch an entire town be swallowed into the water but then in a completely non heroic quest was sent off to fight spiders.. spiders!! I ask you, does that sound like a something a warrior of my calibre should be doing, but I digress.

wahlkilling spiders

duskhaven drowned

There was even a spot of Sylvanas spotting where she completely ignores orders by the warchief not to use her plague on the citizens of Gilneas. That’s the girl.


Overall, and I’m being brief because I really don’t want to spoil it if people haven’t made a worgen before, this was definitely one of the best starting zones I’ve been in. The scenery and quests (well except the spider bit) were really well done and thought out and explained the history behind the worgens pretty well.  I think you should definitely go make one just to see the story line. It makes me want to go make a Goblin to see what their starting area is like and if it’s on the same level as the Worgens.


4 thoughts on “Gilneas and the Worgen starting area

  1. I’ve made a couple of Worgens and have to agree – the starting area is really very good.
    The goblin starting area is also supposed to be quite cool. Haven’t done it myself but have seen Thor do it and it looks like a lot of fun. Goblins are so icky, though! So not sure if I’ll ever create one for anything more than to just see the starting area…

  2. I’ve never paid much attention to goblins before, not seeing very much of them outside of a the few bgs I do, but I was in a lfr on Z on the other day and I noticed a goblin shaman’s totems.. Oh they look so cool, little whirling helicopter blades and things like that.. I might make one of those to go check out the starting area.

  3. Gilneas is one of my favorite start zones, right up there with the Goblin and the Forsaken start areas. And yes, it’s worth making a goblin just to have a look at the start areas up to the point where they land in Orgrimmar. 🙂

  4. Oh I’m interested now, I never thought about how the goblins got into the Horde and came to Orgrimmar and have little goblin towns dotted around the place. I definately want to to go and look now. Hmm I think my knowledge of starter areas for horde is really lacking, I haven’t gotten a forsaken past level 5 yet, though I have seen the orc and troll starting areas.

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