A few dinosaurs for Canji

As part of my hunter to-do list, I spent a bit of time farming up in the Isle of Giants over the last couple of days.

I didn’t go too far into the island, the little beach just to the right of the flightmasters has a group of four dinomancers. Their respawn is fast, or perhaps it’s that I kill slow, but either way as the last one was dying, the first one was respawning so it was a good place to be without getting overwhelmed. I think I killed the group about 4 times and the tome of dinomancy I was looking for dropped, as well as a Zandalari Anklerender, one of four companion pets that have been added up there.


Once I got the tome I went and tamed the closest dinosaur. He’s pretty cute and so big, its quite impressive watching him charge into battle and thumping his tail around.

I popped up the next night to try my luck at finding some of the other pets. Luckily on the 3rd kill at the same place the dinomancer kindly gave up his Zandalari Toenibbler.

These little guys are seriously cute.


I think its going to be a long time before I get the mount though; Canji, from her two nights of being up on the Isle, has a grand total of 53 bones. You need 9,999 bones for the dinosaur mount. I just don’t see it happening any time soon.


4 thoughts on “A few dinosaurs for Canji

  1. So awesome! I want a dino for my hunter but … first she’d have to get to 90, and as much as I’ve been ganked on Drak lately … honestly, I’m half tempted to transfer her off so I can level without worrying about it.

    • Oh no that would be frustrating, the only toons I have on a PvP server are still in the blood elf starting zone so I haven’t really experienced it yet. Definately level her though Dinos are very cool atm 😀

    • Thanks, I was going for a night elf sentinel look, so my interpretation of that is something easy to run around and hide in the forest in.

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