Trying to be a better druid

After our raid last night I was pretty unimpressed with my efforts on Megaera. We killed 7 bosses last night and overall, while I was the lower healer in the group, the healing figures for the whole raid weren’t too unequal.  I healed with a disc priest and a mistweaver monk.

Overall healing raid - Well

However, looking at recount after facing down Megaera I pretty unhappy with my healing figures.  I tried  justifying to myself, oh it’s not a druid fight, too much spike damage, I was oom at points, but the excuses didn’t cut it. So I went to the logs and tried to make sense of all those numbers to see what I was doing wrong.

Here have a look, I’ll try not to cringe too much.

Z megera overall

That is a big difference in healing figures. So I looked at what I was actually casting.

Z buffs

Straight away I noticed that Wild Growth, my AOE heal only hit people 48 times and  had an uptime of 14%, whoa what. Why wasn’t that doing more healing.. big issue right there. I’m used to using WG immediately after a Swiftmend,  so I know I was casting it fairly regularly, perhaps it was how I used it.   It has a 30yd range so maybe I was putting it on a tank and it wasn’t jumping due to range? That’s something I’m going to have to watch.

Also it was a 7min fight and I used tranquility once. Given that Tranq has a 3min cooldown I had time to use it twice. That I need to address.

Then I decided to see what other druids were doing on my realm so I started pulling logs from other guilds. Out of five I looked at, only one was running  resto druids in their line up.   The big difference is that guild is a 25m and I’m in a 10m but that shouldn’t make much of a difference when I’m looking at raw output of heals. Here is their log from Megaera.D overall

hmm they are running two druids, D and F, both outperformed me and just look at D’s figures.  91k hps compared to my 59 hps. Here’s a comparison of what we casted.

Buff comparison

Rejuv and Harmony look pretty equal. Lifebloom is a big difference, not only do I have nowhere near the uptime, I also cast Incarnation twice which gives me the ability to have lifebloom on more than one target, so my LB should have been doing way more.  This is something I obviously need to pick up.

Wild growth as I mentioned was way to low, my WG only hit 48 times compared to D’s 134 – huge loss of healing potential there.

Swiftmend is interesting, while mine had a higher uptime, D’s hit more often. That could be from the 2 set bonus which allows Swiftmend’s AOE componenet to hit 4 instead of 3 targets and it could also be better positioning – getting it under clumps of people. I think I use my Swiftmend most often on  a tank who in this fight is off on their own. I’ll start dropping it under the feet of the melee. Plus I now have a 2 set bonus so that means it now has the ability to heal an extra person if I get it under enough people.

Tranquility, D cast it twice so double the uses and double the amount of healing I did.

Off to the armory to see what his gear looks like, hmm 522 ilvl and a four set bonus compared to my 510 (at the time)  and 0 set bonus. Ok that can definitely account for some of the heals but even so… what else is different. I went down to the stats.

D has more intellect, spellpower and mastery than I do and whoa, he only has 10k spirit. I’ve been stacking spirit out my wahzoo;  I’m currently sitting at 12k which jumps to 13k when I’m flasked but I can’t tell which flask D was using so if he was using an intellect flask then he’ll be doing these fights at  only 10k spirit.

Also gemming is another area where I see a big difference. My gems are pretty much either pure spirit or a spirit + mastery for yellow and blue sockets and spirit + int for red sockets. But comparing sockets D has mostly used either pure mastery or pure intellect gems.

Hmm, this is where I wonder if I’m doing something wrong. I’m used to stacking spirit to make sure my mana regen is really high and since I’ve picked up Soul of the Forest for most fights, I don’t have Incarnation to act as a mana regen tool (instant cast heals that proc off the increased lifeblooms, means free heals every now and again ). this has had me  finishing most fights at 10% or less mana. I’m not sure if I feel comfortable dropping spirit but maybe I should look at dropping a bit.

F, the other druid rather unhelpfully logged out in balance spec so I wasn’t able to compare properly. However, they did have on their healing gear so at least I could see the reforging and gemming.  Their gear and ilvl is closer to mine. Int, spellpower and mastery are all much higher than mine though the gemming seemed really similar but again not as many pure spirit gems, F leaned more towards spirit + mastery.

I can definitely see areas of my spell casting  that is leading to a loss of healing potential. Having really high spirit seems to be coming at the cost of some  int/spellpower and mastery. Maybe I need to look at moving away from such a spirit heavy build but I’m a bit worried I won’t have the regen then to be able to cast enough.   I might start with replacing my pure spirit with spirit + mastery in blue sockets and see how that goes.

If someone sees something I’m missing, let me know.


2 thoughts on “Trying to be a better druid

  1. How is your haste? That could also explain the difference in life bloom, if he gets more tics from it. To quote Noxxic: “Assuming normal raid buffs, the most common Haste breakpoint to reach is at 3043 Haste Rating from your gear. At this breakpoint, your Tranquility, Rejuvenation, and Wild Growth each receive 1 additional tick and Lifebloom receives 2 extra ticks.” Two extra tics on Lifebloom does stack up in the end.

    And yes, it’s a tricky balancing act making sure you have enought mana regen but that it doesn’t compromise your healing out put. You need to be comfortable with your mana pool and sure that you can make it through the fight. Maybe try to lower spi slowly over a period (and replacing it with int/mastry) to see where you feel comfortable but still get some more output?

    And don’t forget innervate. The sooner you use it, the more times you can use it durign the fight.

    Did you see any differences in the glyphs you have compared to these other druids? That might also make a slight difference in some cases I guess.

  2. My haste is at 3043 so that seems alright. I change a couple of glpyhs and talents depending on the fight. I’ve changed out the blue gems to spirit mastery ones (though I have a stockpile of spirit gems in my bag if it doesnt feel right) so I’ll pay attention to keeping lb up and positioning of my wild growth and swiftmend tonight and see if I can see a difference.

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