Wrathion the demanding

The druid finally won her battlegrounds for Wrathion and moved onto the next phase of his quest. He now wants 20 secrets of the empire that drop from lfr and raid so not difficult to get, just dependant on drops. He also wants 40 trillium bars, yes 40! What the heck does he want that for? (I’m refusing to google the quest so it remains a mystery).

800 pieces of ghost iron to transmute into 40 trillium bars (hopefully I’ll be lucky and get some procs). So guess what that means…


Yep, some serious mining time, though I just remembered about the mining plants you can get for the farm so hopefully I’ll get some trillium plants.  Poor Canji, as she’s my only miner she gets the job, she hasn’t even reached honored with the little dragon and she’s having to do his bidding.


7 thoughts on “Wrathion the demanding

  1. Trillium drops at a pretty decent rate from the Snakeroot plants. I harvested 2-4 of either Black or White Trillium ore on seven days out of twelve days of farming 16 plots of Snakeroot.

    • Oh fantastic, I have got Canji planting the Snakeroot plants now so that might save me mining a bit. The tormenting bit is that Canji is also a jewelcrafter so seeing stacks of ghost iron ore in her bags that are earmarked for turning into bars and not for prospecting is painful. My fingers are itching to prospect and see what gems are inside.
      I also had a lovely guildie (big thanks Merlin) mail me some ghost iron ore last night too which was gratefully accepted and put towards the Wrathion fund.

  2. I managed to get the PVP ones out of the way, the troublesome part at the mo is killing the orc in Krasa, need to gather some peeps and do it. Good luck with the secrets of the empire, may the RNG gods smile upon you 😀

    • Try openraid or oqueue to get the Change of Command quest done. I found people tend to run it fairly often on there and it’s easier to get a group that way.

  3. Good luck with the orc, I remember him being a bit of a pain. I have a feeling that the rng gods will probably be a fair bit slower than the ore gathering. ty for the best wishes 🙂

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