My 10 favourite companion pets

I’m an avid pet collector, so having the ability to capture wild pets is just fantastic. All those  pets just floating around in the world waiting to be collected has seen my pet collection explode lately. I’m not really into the whole notion of battling other pet collectors but I am levelling a few pets mainly so I can then go and catch more pets. One day I’ll get my  Zookeeper title and when I can finally get past the Outland Grand Master, I’ll be well on my way to owing my very own Safari Hat.

So when I saw this post from  Swenyola  from  Panda and the Priest sharing her favourite companion pets and asking to see other people’s favourites, I immediately started looking through my pet book. It was tough narrowing it down to 10 as I have so many that are cute or that I really like, I ended up choosing  these 10 because they are the pets most likely to be pulled out to follow me around Azeroth.


Theodore, Mount Hyjal Bear Cub – I ran countless of molton front dailies to unlock the reputation vendor to own this little bear.


Sprout the Teldrassil Sproutling –
I love this tree, especially when I’m on my druid. It was a gift to  me from a friend and I appreciate the thought behind it, plus it has the cutest animations – it dances and sleeps.


Wild Crimson Hatchling – this is one of my newest pets and while I don’t usually like flying pets that much, the colours of this pet are really vibrant and he’s very pretty though he refused to face the camera.

wild crimson hatchling

Water Waveling – Once I saw this pet in Zul’drak I had to have him for my frost mage. With him out she has a big water elemental and a baby water elemental.

water waveling

Mulgore Hatchling – This was the first pet I got out of the extra loot bags you can receive for filling the needed roles in dungeons. He spends most of his time running away which is why he got the name Trouble.


Tiny Harvester- This one just is too cute for words.

Tiny Harvestor

Fluxfire Feline – Not only is this cat seriously gorgeous (I have a soft spot for mechanical pets) but he was the first battle pet I actively camped. I made toons on quite  a few servers to find a rare version of this pet.


Mr Bigglesworth – Look at his frosty whiskers and sparkly breath.

mr bigglesworth

Kirin Tor Familiar- Months spent peering into all the nooks and crannies in Dalaran checking to see if the right book was up finally netted me this little guy.

kirin tor

Lost of Lordaeron – He doesn’t really do much but I love the little ghost form. I really want to have a forsaken toon to have this little guy follow along behind.

lost of lord

There are so many pets out there, and quite a few non capturable pets that I would love to see added into the game.

Ash chicken


I really want my very own Ash Chicken..



5 thoughts on “My 10 favourite companion pets

  1. Such a great top 10! Thanks for joining in!
    I still need to get my Kirin Tor Familiar!
    I especially love the idea of the Water Waveling on your frost mage! I bet that looks super cute with the bigger elemental too! 😀

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