Obsidian Nightwing

As an added perk to the RAF account, as if triple experience isn’t enough, once the new account pays for 2 months game time, the veteran account is granted an Obsidian Nightwing 2 seater flying mount.

I went to my battle net account today and saw that I was eligible to claim my mount, once I did so and logged into the game I had mail waiting for me, with my Nightwing attached. RAF Text

Collecting the mount gave me this achievment:


I immediately rushed outside to try it out;  I can be a black flying panther now.

Raf Mount






Raf Mount Flying

This mount is account bound despite it saying otherwise when I was claiming it.

I still have one month of RAF account time remaining, so now I just have to decide what I want to do with it. The two blood elf toons I’m playing over on a RP/PvP realm are sitting at level 22 so I might spend a bit more time levelling them up. They have only just left the starting area so haven’t really started to experience either the RP or PvP side of the realm yet.



11 thoughts on “Obsidian Nightwing

  1. Congrats on the mount! I wanted one, but didn’t want to pay the extra money for another month just to get the mount as I’d already gotten all the alts I wanted to get out of the RaF account. How’s the Multiboxing been going? Did you get it all figured out and comfortable with it?

    • I still have a month on RAF but I think I probably will keep both accounts going for a while yet. I’m going to merge them once the extra xp boost goes though so I can have access to all my mounts, titles, pets etc 🙂
      Multiboxing.. what can I say but a massive ty Cain, it is by far and away the best thing I’ve come across. Only wish I knew about it earlier.
      I have 2 levelling sets of toons with the xp boost – a goblin hunter and goblin ele sham – it is so easy they are only little but still things die so fast. hmm deja vu – I’m sure I’ve said that before :p
      A hunter and disc priest – I actually have been running them through proper lfg dungeons because with multiboxing, I can actually dps on my follow toon and not feel guity that I’m taking a space with a toon not doing dps..I keep waiting for someone to point out I’m dpsing in a healing spec but my disc priest actually does more dps than my hunter at 27, go figure.
      And I’m questing through hyjal on an 81 dk and 81 ret pally combo – the two melee are working out not too bad though follow breaks a lot, so after each combat I need to remember to press Z to refollow or I’ll find I’m half a mile away with the pally standing still. That combo works so well because of how strong ret pally heals are – my dk can pull the world and live through it with the pally healing her.
      And I stll can’t get over how easy it is.. thank you for setting me up and pointing me in the right direction 🙂
      For anyone else considering multiboxing.. definately try it, it makes running two accounts so much easier

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