The trials of a pet battler

This is the tale of a tiny gnome priest whose one role in life currently is to live in the graveyard at Deadwind Pass.

She also is going potentially achieve the title of most killed toon I have.  Why? Because I want to do the pet battle daily with the Grand Master of the Eastern Kingdoms who just happens to be in Deadwind Pass, a Level 55-60 zone.  I got tired of having one of my bigger toons tied up sitting down there and I’m slightly too lazy to want to move a toon there each day, so I had the bright idea of moving my little level 25 Gnome down there. I’m not using her much at the moment so  I don’t mind if she’s sitting around in Deadwind all day.

Luckily the graveyard is right next to the Grand Master because some spiders took an extreme liking to her the minute she stepped foot into the zone and I was imagining either a very long corpse drag or begging a friend with a 2 seater mount for a favour.

There is only one  issue with the daily location. Though she can creep out of her graveyard and accept the quest and initiate the pet battle with no problems…


Once the fight is over and she phases out of the battle,  the very cranky undead inhabitants in the building just to her left take offence at her presence and kill her without fail every day.


dead gnome

That’s why she’s decided to pet battle in her smalls, to save on the regular repair costs.

On a slightly happier note.. it was finally raining on Jaguero Island in the Cape of Stranglethorn.

rain in STV

This meant that I could capture a Baby Ape,. These pets only come out to play when its raining.

baby ape small

It also meant my poor mage whose been camping down there for the past few weeks waiting for a rainstorm can move… she’s off to Tanaris to look for a Silithid Hatchling, who will only come out in sandstorms.

These poor toons have it rough in the quest for pets.


9 thoughts on “The trials of a pet battler

  1. Oh my poor gnome 😦 She was lovely dressed but once it all turned yellow I decided she could just deal with the indignity.
    I know about that weather, I logged in so many times looking for rain and seeing only clear blue skies. I just can’t wait for the right season so I can go capture the season pets, I think the Qiraji Guardling should be spawning soon ( I can see Zookeeper taking quite a while

  2. Gratz on the baby ape 😀
    I have been waiting for a snow storm in the Storm Peaks for the last couple of days so I can catch a fox and get the achievement for Northrend. I didn’t realise it was going to be such a pain! 😦

  3. Oh I didnt realise the fox only come out in a snow storm, I’ve flown by a few times looking for one, that explains why I haven’t seen one. Hmm looks like I’ll be weather camping for a while yet.

    • Yeah I was flying around thinking what the hell? Then I read up on and saw that it only appeared in snow storms. Then from there I read about other pets which only appear in certain weather conditions, like your baby ape. So pet capturing is going to take longer than I thought!

      • lol, I agree. I think I did a double take when I realised two of the Kalimdor pets only spawn in certain real life seasons, I haven’t looked to see if any other pets have that sort of restrictions on them yet

  4. I got my baby ape today! I consider myself really lucky seen as you were waiting a few weeks for it to rain! I logged out there last night and when I logged in today it was fortunately raining. So I have just the Silithid Hatchling to go I believe. There is also one in Felwood I can’t quite remember the name that I need and is supposed to be a random rare spawn. Will be off to Pandaria later to start capturing pets there.

  5. Yay a big grats to you 🙂 We’ll both be camping out at Tanaris as I got the Arctic Fox Kit tonight :). I think its the Infernal in Felwood? Might have to move a toon down there too.. I seriously have found a use for all my alts, camping in pet zones.

    • And gratz to you too! 😀 Yes, we are in the same boat now I guess! I have 4 more for the Kalimdor Safari. Minfernal, Qiraji Guardling, Silithid Hatchling and Snowy Owl. 5 months to go before we are zookeepers… 😛

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