Raiding Throne of Thunder

This is what my guild got up to last night.  We started a fresh run in Throne of Thunder on Wednesday and got up to Dark Animus so went back last night.  We’ve had a heap of consistency issues over the past few weeks so this is the first night in a while we’ve had the full team together.  And amazingly the 10 of us managed to take down the big boss himself.

I think we were all surprised we actually cleared Throne, most of us were expecting to be working on this boss for a bit. But after a few pulls we managed to stand in what we had to stand in and avoid what we weren’t, people didn’t get flung off the edge or stunned when adds were about to spawn and it all just came together.

dead leishen

lei shen ach

This is pretty much my first expansion seeing current content. I started the game mid-cata and raided pretty casually though Firelands  and DS. The guild I was in for DS time cleared it for the first time post-nerf and Firelands I didn’t actually  complete until after dinging 90.

So to actually work my way though Throne of Thunder while it’s still in the current patch let alone expansion is pretty exciting. While loot is pretty nice and definitely makes killing bosses easier, the most exciting thing is the trying of new things, working out what does and doesn’t work, when the best time to pop things is and when to hold off.

I posted a few days ago about being worried by my figures on Megeara, since then I moved away from the heavy spirit build I had and played around with trialling new talents.  I don’t honestly know how I lived before I started using Soul of the Forest; the fights I use it on over Incarnation, you can see the difference in my healing output.  It took a mindset change to move away from feeling I needed to have Incarnationas a safety net for mana regen into trusting that I could manage my mana and the regen would be sufficient. That’s what  I mean by playing around with things. Those few changes made a huge difference and my figures looked heaps better and amazingly I outhealed both  the holy pally and disc priest on two boss kills tonight. Oh boy, I really should stop watching meters, but I am unashamedly  a meter watcher I’m afraid.

Anyway, I had a ball  in the raid and then I went and battled pets and got this for collecting 50 rare pets. pet ach

Achievements are nice, no matter how big or small.


8 thoughts on “Raiding Throne of Thunder

  1. Congrats! I’m very bad at resto and have not taken the time to really learn it. I just use it for LFR occasionally when I don’t need to run a section as feral for faster queues. I don’t even know how those two talents really affect resto. I think I just looked up Navi and a couple other druids and copied what they had.

  2. lol I do that, if I come across a druid in lfr that does good, I go look at them on the armory and try to compare talents, reforges etc.
    Those talents are probably 2 of the most (in my mind) difficult to chose from (so is the lvl 90 talent but I havn’t played with that yet). Incarnation is the traditonal go into a big tree’ form’ and you get boosted healing and mulitple lifeblooms (a hot you can now put on everyone which can proc instant cast free heals) but only every 3 mins,
    SOF means after you cast swiftmend, (which you should be casting on cd every 10secs) , your next spell has it’s haste increasted by 75%. Since we rely on hots which tick, that haste can make a difference, (it probably would make a better difference if i actually worked out what haste point that takes me too and reforge to take better advantage of constantly getting my haste buffed – and try to get to the next point or something.)
    Either way I was resisiting for ages moving away from the bread and butter spell of the gigantic tree with its extra healing thinking I wouldn’t really see a benefit from the extra haste or I would OOM without the tree form .
    But having moved to using SOF more and more I love it and also our fights only last about 3 – 5 mins on farm bosses so I get to use SOF way more than I can use INC. That mightt change when we go into heroics and screw with all my healing ideas.
    I havn’t been feral in ages, i used it to level this druid to about level 30 then I dual specced into heals and it seemed easier, gear wise, to pair it with balance. I have another druid sitting at 85, I keep meaning to move her away from heals/balance to try out a different spec.
    Argh sorry Cain, I can so talk druid for ages.. if anyone’s read this far.. gj 🙂

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