Opps I think I burnt out on those pet battles a tad

I tend to get a little wrapped up in something that takes my interest and pursue it to death for a while, sort of new toy mentality. My new toy for the moment is Pet battles, or more specifically beating the Grand Masters of  each continent.  I’ve  been battling pretty steadily for a day or two trying to get to the point where I’ve beaten the Panderia Grand Master and have opened all the pet dailies available.. all in preparation of this achievement –The Longest Day – coming in 5.3.

A few days ago I hit my head against Bloodknight Antari, the Outland Grand Master and went to collect and level a team specifically for him. I ended up catching a Wild Crimson Hatchling, Garden Frog and Flayer Youngling and levelling all of them to 24/25 to finally get past him, though it took a few attempts.

frog flayer crimson

outland tamerdefeating Outland GM

The next stumbling block was Okrut Dragonwaste in Northrend, his first pet would burn though 2 of my pets, so off to find , tame and level  a Rapana Whelk, Malayan Quillrat and Malayan Quillrat Pup and finally  he went down.


whelk quillrat

And that let me finally face off against the Northrend Grand Master Payne (aptly named btw).. who OMG has purple epic pets.. is this what I’ll be facing in the future.. purple pets?

Northrend GM

I found  a fairly decent combination of two pets that worked. My Dragonbone Hatchling negated his hard-hitting, self-healing bear easily and the Garden Frog could put a decent dent in Bloom his flower pet, but nothing  I had could bring his mechanical pet all the way down.


All the forums mentioned the Fel Flame as being a good elemental but the only one I had was level 19 and poor quality. The Isle of Thunder has two different types of level 25  elemental pets that I can tame so I though I’d try there first.. 45 minutes later and after engaging what felt like every single battle pet on the isle,  no rare elementals.

/sigh. off to Shadowmoon Valley to look for a rare Fel Flame, still no luck. However, I did have a flawless pet stone that would let me upgrade the Fel Flame I had, which took him back down to 18. (I tossed up upgrading the Level 23 Elemental I had , but you know, the forums are saying Fel Flame so who I am to disagree).

fel flame

That meant I now have a team of 2 25’s and an 18. There is no way the Fel Flame is ready to take on Northrend, so I thought I’d go and start levelling the Flame up and I hit a wall. It wasn’t particularly late in the evening but I found myself staring at screen in absolute blankness, unable to muster up the enthusiasm to do another  battle or  to even go jump on a different toon and do something, anything else.  All I could think was  once I get past Northrend  I’ll be levelling a new team for Cata and then again for Panderia.

I think I just need to slow down a little on the pet battles, after all I’m in an expansion where every second NPC  is telling me to slow down and take my time, maybe I should heed them and intersperse pet battles with other things to  make pet battling fun again rather than a race to get it done before 5.3, after all it will still be there even after the patch goes live.

And then this morning I read a post by Matty on Happiness, and this bit “Dopamine levels are our happy buttons. They are killed with desperate repetition.” really resonated with me.. definitely time to stop focusing solely on the repetition of battling, catching, levelling and go do something else before I can’t stand the sight of a pet for a while..

hmm I’m sure I hear some neglected Goblins who haven’t yet left the Lost Isles calling me.



4 thoughts on “Opps I think I burnt out on those pet battles a tad

  1. Oh no! Burn out is never good! 😦 No need to hurry though, just take your time when you get back to it!

    I found that it was impossible to really get anything else done while I was focused on pet battles. My goals where ridiculous and it took a little while between the completion of each goal before I could go back and finish the next because I was trying to do it all at once plus the tamer dailies every night. Those were the biggest cause of burn out for me.

    I hope you have fun with those little Goblins!

  2. Oh cool, I’m not the only one who finds pet battling addictive then 🙂 I figure eventually I’ll have of every class at level 25 so it’s not the monumental task I was thinking it was especially when I stop thinking I have to have it done by 5.3.

  3. It’s really interesting, and I think because there are so many goals in it, beat this trainer, catch this pet, have that pet.. then catch a better verson, then its really easy to get really involved in it. I’m surprised by how much there is to it.

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