Burnt out? what.. who said that

Last night was one of those nights that just makes you realise how much fun you can have with pixels. It started with a guild run through MV and then into ToES to get a guildy the last few sigils he needed for his part of the Wrathion quest  ( he changed the toon he raids on a few weeks ago so is a bit behind). It was also one of the first nights I’ve really felt settled into my new guild. So that was great, it’s nice to feel comfortable chatting away on vent again.

After that  I went back to pet battling to get my Fel Flame the last few bars to 25 before going back to Major Payne. On the way to the tamer at the Argent Tournament grounds I flew over so many Scourged Whelplings, I do hope someone was down there farming some up.

I managed to get past him tonight. This is the combination I used on him; Dragonbone Hatchling against his Grizzle, Fel Flame against his mechanical pet and Garden Frog against his Bloom.

taming northrend

(it’s always so busy at the tamers)

Then I decided to take a fly over Storm Peaks to see if it was snowing. Amazingly it was (I even rang a fellow pet battler to share the news of snow, but apparently she was in bed and didn’t think snow was worth getting up again for). However I was excited at the sight of all that snow and I caught an Arctic Fox Kit. The irony was I caught it exactly where I had been camping on an alt for most of the day and had given up hope of it snowing. That gave me Northrend Safari.

arctic fox

Then the best thing that happened;  as my achieves were going out in guild chat and it got  people talking about pet battles, it turned out that a few of my guildies had gotten all the gold challenge dungeons finished yesterday so I was able to race to Dalaran and buy myself a Thundering Serpent Hatchling. I had read Navimie’s post this morning and really wanted one for my own but didn’t think I would get one.. so a big big grats to my guildies who had done all the hard work for me.

thundering hatchling

(the picture doesn’t do him justice, but he gets little lines of lightning all over him, very unique)

And then seeing I wanted to exclaim to someone who understands how exciting pet battles are, Navimie got completely spammed with my over excited pet battle chatter. Thank you Navi for listening and sounding suitably excited in return 🙂

I headed off to the Cataclysm tamers and managed to take down the Deepholm tamer with  a Golden Civet, Alpine Foxling, both rare 24’s and an Eternal Strider, 22. This made me think the others would be easy too but nope, both the Hyjal and Twilight Highlands tamers stopped me tonight. I’ll have another go tomorrow.

I also realised not every 25 pet is created equal. Have a look at the difference in health between these two. I have been using the Garden Frog as my go-to Aquatic pet but now the Snapling is level 25, his extra health makes him definately more useful though he only has one strong attack against elementals not two.

garden frog healthsnapling health

Well enough of my  battle pet chatter for now. Share your excited battle pet stories, I’d love to hear them.


4 thoughts on “Burnt out? what.. who said that

  1. Awwh such a great story! Gratz! And I hope you defeat the other tamers soon. 🙂
    I’m so glad Blizzard implemented battle pets — they are so much fun! 😀

    • yep, he was definately difficult (note I restrained myself from calling him a pain hehe). I can’t wait for tomorrow!! I’ve already got a toon camping in the Storm Peaks, I’ll leave her there so I can head up to the new pet asap 🙂

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