Tweaking my healing UI

UI’s (User Interface) are such a personal thing. Everyone has different views on what they should look like. I never thought about UI’s until I received a screenshot one day and realised that the screen in the photo looked  nothing like mine. Since then I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect UI.

I’m constantly striving for the balance between minimal and uncluttered and actually being able to see everything and reach all my abilities easily. And then often I get it how I like and am content for a week or two and I find I want to tweak it a bit more.

I also have a completely different UI on my healing toons to my dps toons. I  use VuhDo to heal with, so that needs to be slotted in nicely. I hate when VuhDo doesn’t fit and just seems to hang on my screen above my bars, so for that end I’ve created a layout where my buttons fit around it.  So far, this is the UI my healing toons have.

healing ui

I have all the non-essential bars faded out so I don’t see them unless I mouse over them.

What I am unhappy with is my portrait and target bars.  I can’t seem to get them looking like what I want and sitting in the right place, they just look messy. I’ve seen UI’s that have just a long panel for their portraits and target, I might look into that. I slot a tiny little focus bar in there as well. When I’m on the  druid I have myself focused and have a macro that uses innervate on the focus so I don’t inadvertently give my innervate to another mana using class, way too many times have I accidentally had a mage targeted and given my innervate to them.

On my priest I have myself focused so that my cascade goes onto a friendly and potentially alive target (nothing like having to find another target if your focus target dies). Both these spells could potentially be moved to moreover macros or even slotted onto VuhDo and I could go back to having focus free. Hmm, I might think about that.

I also would like to get into writing weak auras so I have visual icons and effects come up on my screen to remind me when abilities are off cd and ready to be used. I don’t like looking down at my bars that much and while I do have a cooldown counter on the spells, I’d prefer something to flash up and stay up on my screen until that ability is used again. I know I’ve seen that in a video somewhere, I just need to try to find it again.

I’ll keep looking for the perfect one but in the meantime this is what I have.


2 thoughts on “Tweaking my healing UI

  1. I really like seeing other people’s UIs – it’s interesting to see how people organise themselves.
    My layout is essentially the same for all of my characters, with grid just being there for my healing toons. I like my healing frames to be more centered so they’re in my face – just works better for me. I should do an entry myself about my UI… totally copying you hehe!

    Also, Weak Auras does do exactly what you’re after. I have it for my ice barrier on my mage so I know when I can put that up again etc. Very helpful. I can try to give you a hand if you like? Just let me know 🙂

  2. Oh pls do a UI post, in fact anyone who reads this – I would love to see your UI’s. I don’t think mine is optimal though it does mostly work for me so to see others would be great :).

    I would love help with weak aura’s if thats ok. I tend to forget that Barkskin is off cd and I really need to use it a lot more than I do. If something is there in my face I can’t ignore it. I’ve downloaded it but haven’t tried it out yet, so any and all advice on what I can do with it would be welcome.

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