Top Searches.. why are you coming here?

I’ve never really paid much attention to what people are searching which is directing them to my blog but Tome sometimes posts about her searches so I started to look and these were my posts for today..

Top Searches

obsidian nightwing, how do you stop the dinomancer from healing on the aisle of giants?, what profession to take on a new realm, battered hilt

So I thought I better help out a little with some of these that I haven’t really posted about seeing the search engines think I have.

how do you stop the dinomancer from healing on the aisle of giants?

– Interrupt, interrupt, interrupt. It’s a horrible heal as it heals for a lot and very demoralising to see all your hard work and dps down the drain. Don’t get button pushy and anticipate it early and then have no interrupt ready  (talking from experience here). Wait till you see that cast and interrupt your heart out.. then kill it and win. Hopefully something good drops.

battered hilt

Haven’t seen it yet. I want to though as you can turn it in for a cool looking weapon. It drops from the 3 higher end WOTLK dungeons; Pit of Saron, Halls of Reflection and The Forge of Souls. Funny enough I do have a post written about these 3 dungeons saved in my draft folder.. come back soon and I’ll post it ok.

what profession to take on a new realm

Ahh my favourite question to mull over. After all I do have a ton of toons on other realms, mostly low level ones though.
My advice is you want  to take something that will be easy to level, make you some money hopefully, be relatively useful as you level (if you are levelling the profession along with a toon)  not be a pain to level and cost you a fortune in doing so – either in hours spent farming up the mats or buying off the Auction House.

So my top picks out of the professions to do that is either:


-Herbalism is easy, herbs are everywhere, they give you free experience and at higher levels it’s a significant chunk of experience and if you pick too much you can pretty easily move them on the Auction house for those lazy  time-pressed individuals that don’t want to farm for themself. (I have been guilty of buying herbs despite having 3 maxed out herbalists)

Alchemy – the potions can be helpful when you level, health potions can be kind of hard to come across in some zones at times so it’s helpful to make your own,  though levelling this profession at max level will end up with a heap of low-level potions and exlirs that have little resale value. This is made up for the fact that at 90 you can supply flasks and potions to the Auction house and pretty much be assured of a constant stream of sales.


Herbalism – read above

Inscription – this is probably my favourite for making money as I level it. Inscription makes glyphs, along with  off-hands, staffs, and some cool pets like the Chi-ji Kite. The beauty of it is, unlike alchemy which makes low level potions as you advance in skill, glyphs don’t age. Everyone needs glyphs so you can have a low inscription skill and still be able to sell what you can make on the Auction house. Depending on your server, time of day, demand etc will see your glyphs range in price from a few gold to a couple of hundred gold.

I take this profession if I’m making a toon on a new realm without fail.

Mining/Jewel Crafting

Mining – Similar to Herbalism. You get free experience while levelling and ore is pretty much everywhere you go.

Jewel Crafting – a bit harder to level, material wise,  than the other two, I remember having to spend a bit of time in zones I had nearly out levelled while gathering enough ore  to ensure I had enough of the right gems after I prospected it. The low level gems you craft probably won’t sell that well on the Auction house though there possibly are exceptions. I never looked into it preferring to vendor most of my crafting results; most levellers out level gear with gem sockets very quickly or never see gear with gem sockets so there won’t be many people looking for a +3 Intellect +3 Spirit gem.. but you never know.

However, at 90 this is a good profession as people always need max level gems, you may not make a fortune if you have a lot of competition but gems pretty much always sell at some price.

I love using these guides when I’m levelling a profession, they can make it a bit easier.

Well hopefully this helped a bit if the search engines ever send people back to this site with those questions.


2 thoughts on “Top Searches.. why are you coming here?

  1. I often wonder why people come to our blog – transmogrification and raid achievements seem to be our top searches, so I try to aim for those people. Enlightening, isn’t it!

  2. It really is. I never really thought about why someone might want to read my ramblings tbh, I just love to talk about wow so needed an outlet :). It’s really interesting to see what other people are looking to know about.

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