Aww I feel mean.. sort of

I needed an Alpine Foxling as I didn’t have one to count towards Panderia Safari, when I saw this little family of foxlings strolling in Kun-lai Summit

fox babies with mum

I felt a bit mean taking the adult from the babies.. but hey I really needed that Fox. After battle I looked around to find this spawn right behind me.

fox babies

I did feel mean then  and boy did I cop some  flak in guild chat for taking the adult away.. I sure hope the parent spawned again soon.


6 thoughts on “Aww I feel mean.. sort of

    • what, who, me? lol. You’re right, maybe that was their last communal hunting trip and the Mum was saying right now you’re old enough to make your own way and then poof she vanished 🙂 They’ll forever believe in the magic of mothers.

  1. When I feel bad about doing things like that my hubby tends to tell me that “they are only pixels”, it does help to remember that at times. 🙂

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