Watch where you walk…

So imagine this scene.. we’re at the end of 3 hours of raiding, at Lei-shen, we have been wiping 15 times to stuff that shouldn’t be happening such as 2 people getting overcharged on the one platform –  bad rng having to stack at the same time a mechanic comes out that means we have to spread.. everyone is tired, tense and really wanting to get it on this final attempt of the night.. after all we’ve wiped more times tonight than we did  on our first kill.

20 secs into the last attempt of the night, a healer dies, one shot, out of the blue. The raid leader goes wtf happened there.. and Zeirah’s voice pipes up from a long distance away.. I walked off the edge.

The entire raid fell apart in gales in laughter. In disbelief they say, no way, did you get blown off or something.. no no I effing walked off the edge.

Our monk’s very thoughtful voice comes over vent.. hmm I’ve come close to rolling off the edge but to walk…. The general consensus was they were too amused to even be angry that our last attempt of the night was 20 seconds long.

The guild message gets changed to watch where you walk…..

Welcome to my legendary clumsiness. If only I learned to lie faster.


4 thoughts on “Watch where you walk…

    • me too, especially since it was for such a silly reason but they laughed and were still giggling about it when we went back and finished off the next night 🙂

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