Patch of the pets

When Mists of Pandaria  dropped I used to refer to it as the food expansion. There was so much cooking to be learnt along with planting and farming of vegetables. Patch 5.3 on the other hand will always, at least in my mind, be known as the patch of the pets.

There are so many new pets in this patch along with new pet things to do. I’ve been spending a lot of my playing time chasing pet achievements and collecting pets.

EK Safari

panderia safari 1

And I’ve had a couple of really generous gifts lately. I  had a great surprise when I logged in, Catwynn (actually her horde cousin)  from Tome of the Ancient had sent me a Pandaren Earth Spirit pet who is absolutely lovely and was completely unexpected.

earth spirit

My friend Snoo gave me a Mana Wyrmling which I love; I definitely feel the need to use my orb of the Sindorei with this pet.

Mana wyrmling

I noticed there was a bag for healers in the dungeon que the other day and it gave me an Enchanted Broom.


I’ve been really lucky with pets this week and have some really generous friends, a big thank you to you both :).


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