More pet battling

I keep telling myself I have so much I want to do when I’m not raiding; those Goblins are still sitting on the Lost Isles and are starting to despair of ever getting off and I have so many toons sitting above 85 that just need a little push to get that bit closer to 90 but despite reminding myself of all the things I could be doing, I keep coming back to pet battling.

So needless to say I spent most of Friday and Saturday night playing with my pets  and had a bit of an achievement streak.

pet ach 4  pet ach 1pet ach 2

pet ach 3

I got the Tamer title which looks great with my safari hat; I really need to see if I can come up with a decent safari transmog for my mage as she is the one who ports around the world battling and chasing pets each day.

tamer zira

Don’t worry Goblins, I won’t forget you.. though you would be more attractive if there were pets on that Island you are on…


4 thoughts on “More pet battling

  1. It’s great. Though I think I’m going to have to forsake the ease of the mage getting around and start doing the dailies on a non-90 toon just for the extra xp 🙂

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