Levelling Jewel Crafting

A few days ago I had the wild  idea to change professions on the druid again. By again, I mean for the 6th time. This poor druid has had so many profession changes in her life. She started out as a skinner and leatherworker which I got to max level but then when I was  farming herbs on my mage I got envious (and slightly annoyed) by the druids who could swoop in and nab the herbs and fly away again all without breaking bird form.  So that led to a profession change; I teamed herbalism with Alchemy for a while until I levelled my mage to 90 and I  didn’t really need two maxed out herb/alchemists so I changed the druid’s Alchemy skill to Inscription.

But now, as much as I love being able to herb in bird form on my druid, I’ve decided having a second crafting profession would be more beneficial, tbh this desire was sparked purely by gem envy (I seem to struggle with profession envy) after having seen a fellow druid with huge +320 intellect gems. I also have an 86 druid that has herbing, this should give me the push to level her up so I can go back to herbing as a bird.

I’ve levelled JC on my hunter before so I had some older uncut gems left over but not enough so I set Canji to work over  3 days to gather up all the mats I needed to level JC again. I sent all the mats to a guild bank alt to hold for me until I was ready to get the mats over to the druid. I was absolutely shocked when I saw just how much materials it would take to level.. a full tab and a few rows of another  guild tab worth of materials to be exact. It forced me to have a massive clean out of my storage as I just didn’t have the room to store it along with all my old food and cooking ingredients,  transmog and duplicate pets.

gb1 gb2

The stuff on the other side of the row gap are extra mats I  didn’t end up needing. 

To get it over to the druid with the minimum of fuss I loaded up my mage’s bags with gems and bars and transferred her faction, this also gave me a herbalist to support my druid’s inscription and my already horde warlock has mining for the druid’s jewel crafting.. I think I’ve got the gathering sorted for the druid.  What mats didn’t fit in the mage’s bags got transferred through the neutral auction house.

It took a few hours to level though that time would have been a lot quicker if my druid’s bags weren’t as full as they were, after a few crafts I would have to stop and either vendor, mail the crafted items I wanted to keep to an alt or list the crafted items on the Auction house to make more space in my bags.

If you have your pick of places to level JC I would suggest Dalaran; the JC trainer is close to both the AH and the mailbox as well as your bank if you need to store mats somewhere other than your bag. Shattrath has the longest travel times between those three places, avoid going there if you can. I went there for a pattern and was stuck there for a while doing the JC trainer, bank/ah shuffle waiting for my hearth to come off CD.

Besides being able to have the bigger gems, I just realised an added benefit of making the druid a JC, she’s already exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpent so I could go and buy the patterns for the jewelled panthers. It’s unlikely I will actually make them given how expensive some of the materials are, but I can if I want to now without having to level the reputation again, which is always a plus.  And even better there are JC patterns for pets, the Sapphire Cub and Jade Owl, which can be found in the treasure chest you get at the end of the Golden Lotus daily quest lines.

hmm do I detect that you think there is a bit too much thinking going into this profession business? I fear you might be right.

If you want a fast way to level JC, this is a great guide and the one I used  – http://www.wow-professions.com/wowguides/wow_jewelcrafting_leveling_guide.html.


4 thoughts on “Levelling Jewel Crafting

  1. I just finished leveling tailoring and enchanting on my newly dinged priest using the guides from the website (I use it for all my professions). It cost me a small fortune. Thor was great and managed to get me some mats but I’m far too impatient to farm the mats I need from older areas so I just bought them all. Far too expensive! But it’s done now. I loved seeing all the robes I can make! I already have an issue with having too many clothes for my characters… now it’s just going to get out of hand.
    Having said all that – grats on maxing it out! 🙂

  2. 🙂 Falu is an enchanter/tailor and oh boy they were probably the two most expensive professions I’ve levelled, mainly bc I too didn’t want to farm up the mats and I had levelled tailoring far past enchanting at one stage so couldn’t just disenchant what I was making. The new priest has enchanting/tailoring too but this time I kept them at the same level and I had a ton of alts running old dgns passing the cloth along so it was easier, though she’s only just hit cata stage in materials so still has a way to go.

  3. We, after lots of expense, have all professions over our characters on our server. It took loads of time and even more money – even though I farmed a lot of the mats. I’m still debating whether it’s worth it… my tailor/ench for example has loads of lovely 522 patterns but I can’t make them as it’d cost me 60k to get the spirits needed, which is just not worth it.


  4. I know what you mean, I have been doing the daily research on both my tailor and leatherworker and have a lot of 522 patterns but I can’t justify buying the spirits to make gear for toons that probably won’t step foot in raid. Still its nice to have them. Grats on having all the professions. I still haven’t touched blacksmithing.

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