A Blizzard sale and a decision


I noticed today that Blizzard has a sale on their services; faction/race/server transfers etc and I’m really tossing up the idea of moving a few more toons Horde. As most people would know I recently transferred my main toon to Horde and am loving it.

I’m really surprised how biased I am towards horde after only being there a short while. I prefer the quests and the lore from the horde perspective and seeing how much time I put into learning the lore, being able to enjoy and relate to  lore is a pretty big thing for me in my enjoyment of the game.

I sat down the other day and tried to work out why it was I didn’t roll a blood elf at the start (given how much I love belfs) and I realised it was because I bought the battlechest which came with Classic and BC versions and coming from a single player mentality, I decided to only install the classic and play it through until I hit 60, then install BC play it to 70 then buy WOTLK and so on.  So I’m guessing I didn’t even see a belf (the other horde races didn’t appeal at the time, though now the other races are really interesting from a historical/lore point of view) or have the option to play it at the start until I was pretty firmly entrenched in alliance side and an alliance guild and everyone I knew was from alliance.

So out of what I consider my main toons; I currently I have my druid, mage and warlock horde side, which has left my priest, hunter, monk, paladin and shaman still on alliance (these are the ones I play regularly, have maxed professions or really just enjoy). This sale is causing some temptation to move the rest of those toons horde but with a few reservations;

I quite enjoy horde and having all my main characters over there would be great, no more having to pass stuff through the neutral auction house, I could just mail it .. but

– Horde population on my realm is tiny. 0.41% of the players are Horde according to wowprogress.com, this makes getting into groups a bit more difficult, nalak and oondasta, even galleon groups are pretty infrequent compared to Alliance side. It also means that if I stopped raiding with my horde guild for some reason there isn’t a great deal of choices in other raiding guilds. I could do a combined faction/realm transfer to a more horde populated realm but that defeats the purpose of being able to access all the professions if I have some toons on one realm and some on the other and I don’t really want to quit raiding with the guild I’m in now.

– I’m feeling a bit of guilt about spending more and more time on horde and not spending time in the guild over I helped set up but which is really quiet and inactive in guild activities and I don’t really have the inclination to recruit and organise activities, mainly because most of my attention is spent on my druid.  This will only be compounded if I take my favorite toons to horde as I’ll be spending even more time on them.

– Most of the people I know are Alliance side and while I don’t do that much in groups with them, taking my toons to horde essentially means that I can’t do anything with them unless I level more alts up to 90. Which isn’t that much of an issue seeing I have so many alts sitting at 80 or above.
Wow I really wouldn’t have thought there would be this amount of thinking about a faction transfer. There really isn’t a need for me to have my toons on the one faction so I’m not sure why I’m feeling so drawn to moving more to the horde side but the idea is definitely playing in my head.

Has anyone else ever thought about packing up their toons and moving? How did it go.


8 thoughts on “A Blizzard sale and a decision

  1. I can imagine it would be a tough decision for you to walk away from your guild. But I really don’t think anyone could say you didn’t work your butt off for it or that you didn’t try your absolute best to make it work. (Even I can see that and I haven’t known you for very long at all!) Unfortunately these things happen and guilds dissolve. Holding yourself back because of this isn’t really fair to yourself at all. Your druid is your main now. It’s hard enough work maintaining a raiding toon without having to rebuild a guild on top of it. I guess you need to ask yourself if you really do want to grow the guild again. If the honest answer to that is yes, the perhaps reconsider the move. But if deep down you’re ready to move on, then you need to do what’s right by you. Otherwise you’ll be missing the point of this being a game and that you’re supposed to be having fun! 🙂

    Personally I think the bigger issue is the lack of Horde on the server, but if you’re not doing PVP then maybe that’s less of an issue?

    Honestly, I think go for it! I actually moved the priest I just dinged 90 over to Frostmourne because of this sale. (I’d been thinking about it but the fact that it was cheaper was the push I needed!) Already I’m missing having all my toons together – being able to mail mats to each other is something I have been so used to. Also having my gold split over realms is frustrating. I feel so poor! So I definitely understand the lure of having all of your toons together.
    It’s different for me though because my priest isn’t a main. so if it gets too annoying having everyone separated it’s not the end of the world – everyone else is still on Aman’Thul.

    This was rather long and not at all helpful… I guess I’m just trying to say that I think you need to do what’s right by you. And to remember that it’s a game that you should be enjoying. 🙂

    • It was actually helpful Cinder :), I’m not a super great leader, my raid leading showed that – I can do it, but it doesn’t come naturally and there are people that are way better at it out there, and that holds true for wanting to be the driving force in organising stuff/guilds. I’m content to potter along and will come along and participate but I’m definately a follower not an initatior.
      And you are right, I’m meant to be having fun and I am, I just really need to learn not to worry over small stuff :). Moving my toons to the one faction won’t actually stop the world from turning or the guild and the people in it from doing exactly what they are now and tbh most of them probably aren’t even stressing about it being quiet etc.

  2. As someone who has been fighting to keep my guild together for *years* I can definitely understand your feelings of guilt. But here is the thing. You are not paying $15 a month to ensure that other people have fun. You’re paying that money so that YOU can have fun, and if you don’t have the energy to rebuild then don’t!

    It took me a really long time to come to terms with that, and I finally let my officers know that I was burnt out on guild leadership. They opted to keep me on as GM even though I barely play any more, and they promoted some fresh blood to key positions. I thought, “Well, that’s it. Concur is dead.” but they have honestly surprised me. When I logged in after a month of not playing, my guild was more alive than it had been in ages. I am now free to play how I want, when I want and the guild is thriving.

    I suppose my long winded point is that if others in the guild aren’t prepared to raise their hand and help out, then that is their loss. You are clearly having so much fun doing your own thing and it’s not fair for them to expect you to stop that just for them. As I said earlier, you’re paying $15 a month for YOUR enjoyment, not theirs.

    As for the Horde thing, I would recommend finding a server with a higher Horde population. I have been on the wrong end of a faction imbalance before and it can be a nightmare, especially when new content is released.

    All the best with your new adventures!

  3. Hi Neri, ty for your response 🙂 Reading your post made me realise something; a lot of the feeling guilty is probably coming from my own expectations. It’s not that the other members in the guild aren’t lifting their hand, they are and as far as I know they are happy with the way the guild is, if not then I guess they would recruit etc, it’s most likely me with an expectation of what a guild should be – running x content, x amount of ppl on etc. Therefore the guild is not just going to fall apart because I spend more of my time elsewhere and tbh I’m an altoholic, I’m going to be playing on my low alts at times anyway so I’ll be on and off the guild, I just had this idea I had to be on it on a big toon, if that makes sense.
    I’m worried about the low horde pop but I think the frustration with having some of my toons one faction and the rest the other would probably be even greater if some were on another realm and completely unreachable. So far I haven’t really noticed too much of an issue though trade chat and spaces are definitely quieter (which is actually a nice thing in a way ) – there are groups going, I just need to watch for them more. If the time comes when the raid team isn’t viable or the low pop means we can’t keep our progression or raid going then I guess I’ll have to contemplate another move.

    • lol I know what you mean, ugh at troll toes. It sends a shudder through me when I think of all the beautiful matching boots I have for my robes, though tbh they are growing on me.. slowly 😉

  4. I’m currently contemplating switching servers as well, although not factions. I have a friend that raids on another server that I’d like to play with for current raid content. That’s really the only thing you can’t do from another server now is raid current content. I hadn’t transferred already due mainly to the cost of it (10 toons I’d want to transfer). I was thinking the other day though about the speed of leveling alts, and especially the speed of catch up once you are 90. Now with shared achievements and mounts and pets and everything there isn’t as much tie to a specific character. So I could easily level new characters on a different server and very quickly have them geared up. The bigger thing I’d be missing would be the heirlooms and some gold to kick start them. So now I’m contemplating only moving one character and taking all my heirlooms with it. When I did RaF this past winter I leveled 8 characters on the main account to 80 in 2 months and it only cost me $5. Yes it’d take additional time, but if I actually focused on leveling instead of doing it only in spare time when not playing one of my 4 90’s then it wouldn’t take long at all. I don’t feel tied to “the” toon I play as much as “a” [insert class here]. Even the post 90 catchup I recently took a fresh 90 and got it up to the latest LFR in only a couple of weeks.

    That said I definitely do like the idea of having all classes/professions/etc covered on only one server. I guess my cheapness just tends to be the stronger motivating force.

  5. Hi Cain. I think for me it’s the idea of having all the professions too. I’m way happier being able to make myself something then go and get someone else to. And one of the things driving me batty about having toons spread out is when I get mats on one toon that another can use. That’s probably why I have 2 guild banks (3 now, i made a horde one too) full of mats I’m keeping just in case.
    You’re right about it not taking long to level anymore, I’m really surprised by how little time it takes to get from 85 to 90 now, especially if you throw in the side xp gainers like herbing or mining along the way.

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