3 features you wish WOW had

Jojo (Admiring Azeroth) wrote a post about what changes you’d like to see in wow, the inspiration was from Community Blog Topic here.

My top 3 features  revolve completely around storage ideas.

1. Ability to equip gear that is stored in your bank or void storage. While steps have been made along these lines with letting you transmog into items stored outside of your back pack, I’d like to see it go a bit further and let you equip gear not in your backpack. In my bags I carry a full set of PVP gear, a full set of PVE balance gear and I have equipped on my toon a full set of PVE resto gear. That sure takes up a lot of available back pack room and being able to save it as a set and then stick it in my back especially in the case of the PVP gear that I might only use once a week would be great.

2. A mobile personal bank similar to the mobile guild bank. That way I could store what I wanted in my bank and be able to access it whenever I wanted. In the middle of a raid and your enchant/gems are in your bank.. no problem, whip out your mobile bank, grab your stuff and you’re good to go.

3. Being able to craft from mats stored in your bank or communal bank for mats. At the moment if I want to cut a gem or make a bag I must have the materials in my physical backpack, but what about if I could craft as long as I actually had those mats, even if they were stored in my bank. This would be fantastic. Taking it one step further.. what if those mats were stored on another toon of mine or if there was a communal mat bank that all my toons could access? There are addons like altoholic that can see what all my toons have in their bags and banks, so it shouldn’t be too big of a jump for the game to recognise that one toon has that material and let me craft with it on another.

And because I’m bad at sticking to guidelines and there are so many features I’d love to see.. as an altoholic I want…

4. More Bind on Account (boa) ability. Blizzard is obviously taking the route of making it more about your account than personal toon with things like shared titles, mounts, pets and achievements but I’d like to see the account functionality go a little further by removing some of the soulbound restrictions and replace them with boa restrictions, such as motes of harmony and certain quest items, currently my druid has a massive excess of lumber in her bags for the battlefield barrens quest line, imagine if I could send the excess to the warlock who is only just starting out on her questing journey over there.


2 thoughts on “3 features you wish WOW had

  1. Ooh I really like the idea of a communal materials bank! Altoholic is such a saviour when it comes to being that 1 bolt of mageweave off of a bag or 1 paddlefish off of a banquet! But, a communal bank would really save this issue for good. A similar system is in Diable (I believe) so you ever know 😉

  2. I have to admit I completely stole the idea of a communal bank from GW2. It is such an amazing feature in that game so I guess with copyright laws or whatnot, maybe it can’t be implemented but it’s so handy.

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