RP on a non-RP server.. there is life out there

I finally got my Horde DK out of the starting area, she’s been sitting there for a while now and when I was searching for a toon to go and camp the pet tamer at Winterspring she came to mind. Pretty impressive role for her, minion of evil reduced to heroically fighting pets each day.

I had wanted another DK for a while now, I have levelled an Alliance one but as I was chatting away with friends while doing it, I didn’t really pay much attention to the quests and I wanted to see it again and from the different perspective. It’s really quite a good starting zone, a little dark but that is in keeping with the theme I suppose. At the end though after I was released and sent to Orgrimmar to offer my services to Garrosh I started to think but what if my DK wasn’t happy with that ending, no one asked her if she wanted to abandon the Lich King. I mean it’s all well and good to say but he abandoned you and sent you to your death but you know, he may not have been talking about me.. maybe he did think I was his true champion and when LK said he knew he was sending all of us to our death.. well maybe he was hoping that I would survive.

Either way my DK arrived in Orgimmar in a pretty foul mood and the guards throwing rotten fruit at her didn’t improve her mood, she may have been heard to comment that she was taking their names and beware the day the LK rises again. Grumpy little DK. Arguing with Garrosh and telling him to shove his horde may also have come out of her mouth.

After that interview my DK decided to wander around and survey her new life and city. As I walked through the city taking it all in, a Tauren Paladin took interest and set his mount to walk with mine. The sight of two walking through the streets drew even more interest and soon there were five. I decided to search for a Warchief’s board for further instructions; Garrosh in his infinite wisdom hadn’t bothered to give any further direction on what my new duties would be in service of the horde.  Since there was quite an entourage at this point  I thought I had better talk in say and let them know that their city confused me (since I had just turned around and was going back in the same direction I had just come; I thought they deserved an explanation). That struck up a conversation  and the others let me know that the city confused them too and it was in a state of chaos from the war preparations that were going on.

Once we got to the Warchief’s board and I received orders to go help the forces in Outland, two of the adventurers decided to stay and come with me on my journey. Making our way to the portal to Blasted Lands we chatted and I realised.. oh boy is walking slow, how do you ever get anything done at a perpetual walk?.dark portal

Arriving in Outland, it appears that while they might want reinforcements, the authorities out there don’t really know what to do with new recruits. We were sent on a cycle of talk to this person who ummed and ahhed and would  send us to talk to another person who might have further orders but who decided we should go and talk to so and so over there…

orders Eventually though it was decided we could be used to reduce the infernal menace that was plaguing Thrallmar.After doing this and it didn’t take long, not really sure why there was an infernal presence seeing they fell so quickly before our combined might, the three of us decided we might be more useful in assaulting Honor Hold since there might be a chance of  finding out information that would be more relevant than killing elementals.

attacking honor hold

While we got quite close and were observing the comings and goings of the alliance forces and certainly could have provided information useful to the war effort, an Alliance hunter took offence to our presence and decided it was his sole duty to defend Honor Hold.

After a while, the three of us decided to part ways. One had a pressing battle they had been called to, the other retired to Dalaran to recuperate (unfortunately the hunter had not been gentle with them) and my DK returned to Thrallmar to consider where her life would be heading now.

At the end, I received a lovely whisper thanking me for a fun evening. Which I throughly agreed with; I didn’t envision my night going  from the simple act of /walking through the streets to an epic adventure through the dark portal and assaulting a heavily fortified Alliance base. Even though Oceanic servers might not have a dedicated RP realm, it was nice to find others out there like me who like to play around with it a bit.


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