I can’t think of non-whiny title

This was going to be a fluffy pet battle post (and probably will be tomorrow) but now I’m going to have a wallow in pity and possibly sound nasally and whiny, bear with me if you will.

Normally I don’t say why Blizz too much, I don’t like complaining about aspects of the game I don’t like, after all it’s their company they can do with it as it will and if I don’t like it I’m free to go where I will, give another games corporation my money and so forth.

But tonight I came across a situation that I haven’t encountered in the game before, I’ve probably been pretty lucky but it’s more a case of I haven’t raided at this level before and the issue is what do you do with the 3rd healer when you can only have 2.

We were trying heroic Horridon tonight and the raid leader hadn’t found any guides that say it can be three healed, you need the dps. Slight problem, of the 3 healers none of us have good dps spec abilty, doesn’t help that for the past 8 weeks all os gear has been de’d for the mats to craft gear for main spec so even if we wanted to, no one’s gear is up to the same level as you would want of a main spec dps’er.

As it turns out I’m the weaker healer in the raid so after trying a few goes and not getting past the fourth gate before being over run with adds, I went dps to see what I could do. Not much apparently, about 1/2 of what the others were doing.. if I’m generous and round up. So a hunter was pulled in and I went into the lfr and some dungeons to practice being a boomy. Because I really want to be in that raid but I don’t know how to play a boomy, I want to heal dammit but as I’m not good enough to be one of the two that are in there, it leaves me wondering what to do. Logically my head says get practicing, I didn’t turn into a healer overnight, it took 90 odd levels to get where I am now but inside I’m feeling pretty bloody crushed.

So now I will say Why Blizz? Why the hell do you design fights that need a close knit team of 3 healers and then decide that some fights you only bring two. Surely I’m not the only healer out there that wants to be a healer not a dps. Why do I have to stop doing what I want if I want to be able to be viable. Why can’t all fights be 3 healed.


8 thoughts on “I can’t think of non-whiny title

  1. Don’t be sad–how can anyone expect a catcher to suddenly become a pitcher? Or a quarterback to be a full-back on the defense line? We all have specs we love to play, and focus on, and expecting us to be all things to all situation is not cool. Be better because you want to learn something new, or see if there is an interesting workaround to this situation. Hate seeing druids sad–gets my shammy rage all worked up! πŸ™‚

  2. I think most raid teams/guild work they way around it by having 2 healers and then one who is comfortable to switch between H and D. But yes, you are right: it is a strange design.

    I hope you can find a way to like and excel at your DPS spec, or maybe an alt that you like to DPS on and could bring in for this sort of situation. πŸ™‚

    • yeah I guess it was just a bit unlucky to be in a team with 2 others that don’t play os much either and now I’ve thought about it, it more logical I go either dps or sit out until I can dps – we dont’need another melee in the pally going OS and a disc priest can pull amazing dps and heal at the same time.

  3. /hugs
    This caused us so much grief in Wrath that you would have though Blizzard would have learnt by now. I was lucky in that as a Priest I was expected to swap between Disc and Holy so didn’t have a spec free for Shadow but I know a couple of our Shamans absolutely hated having to try and dps in such a competitive environment when all they wanted to do was heal and I would have felt the same.

    • ty, it’s good to know that i’m not the only one who feels like this. tbh I don’t not enjoy dps I just like watching those little green health bars more. And the guys that dps in my team being ms dps are huge – it will take a while to learn my spec as well as they know theirs. But then I’ll end up knowing two πŸ™‚

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