What can you do in WoW instead of running people over

In /gchat the other day someone mentioned they had been hopping around Orgrimmar for the past 40 minutes because they were bored. Not judging or anything like that because boredom does strike us all at times and I’ve often been guilty of cutting laps around Dalaran in a motorbike pretending to run down members of the other faction when bored.. instead of logging off and doing something useful like housework.. but nevermind that now.

So I decided in the interests of public safety to people in Dalaran I’ll make a list of things I should be going to do next time I’m searching for something to do.  The beauty of this list is that all things can be done in about 15 mins or less meaning it won’t take a lot of commitment and  I can jump from activity to activity.

1. Go to Shattrath and go fishing, I’m still missing Snarly and Chuck from the fishing bags.

2. Do the cooking daily in the capital city for tokens, I’m still missing the recipes for some Cata foods and achievements are nice – The Cataclysmic Gourmet

3. Get a chef’s hat from Dalaran, this means actually doing the dailies up there, I didn’t save up 93 pieces of chilled meat for nothing, start cooking and stop hording! Cooking with Style

4. There is a pretty orange frilly pirate’s shirt that drops in Deadmines Normal – I could get that for the pretty frilly blood elf priest.

5. Green fire .. figure out how to get your lock that green fire instruction manual.. google is your friend here, read up on it.

6. Bones, bones, bones. Take the hunter on an archeology expedition and collect bones for that sparkly see-through porcupine.

7. Take the Shaman who is my only skinner over to Lake of Stars in the Dread Wastes and farm/skin the crocs and turtles for their meat. I’m always doing it on the druid and it’s such a waste as she can’t skin after taking the meat, such a waste.

8. The mage has her hearthstone set to the Argent Tournament’s Inn – actually go up there and do a couple of dailies for the tokens for pets. Can’t ever have too many pets.

hmm I’ll have to add to this as I come up with more 15 min activities.



6 thoughts on “What can you do in WoW instead of running people over

  1. I keep trying to forget about the Argent Tournament, lol. I should do them for the mounts if I ever have the hope of getting to 150. Oh and leather, Cat’s really been shirking her skinning lately.

    Oh no! I had an extra green fire tome and gave it to someone who turned around and deleted their character! If I get another this time I’ll post on the blog to see who needs one.

  2. lol looks like all of us want to do the Argent Tournament dailies, Shame we aren’t all in the same realm timezone or we could group up and motivate each other 🙂

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