What my Saturday night looked like

Saturday night was one of those nights where time seemed to go so slowly and then too fast, not slow in a bad clockwatching way but more of a childhood weekend type of time; you wake up on Saturday morning and the two days ahead of you seem like they will last a lifetime until Sunday night where all of a sudden its time for tea and shower and bed and the weekend is gone.Ok ok enough on time, basically I mean I kept looking at the in-game clock amazed to see it was still early because I had done so much, then all of a sudden it was late.

So what did I get up to.

I got my alliance druid to 86 and  a bit, admittedly she did start at 85 so it wasn’t that big of a deal but hey she was moving in the levels again. I miss an alliance druid, night elves are beautiful and my troll is.. well not beautiful.  She was helped along the way by my 90 hunter who I was multi-boxing with her which made killing mobs a lot faster. I managed to ignore the twinges of guilt that I was technically ‘cheating’ the levelling process but I’ve seen the Jade forest 7 times already, making it go faster won’t hurt. I stopped on her once I got her to Halfhill and she started her farming career.

farming druid

I had my Shaman camping down on a rock at the dread wastes waiting to see if Nalash Verdantis would spawn and if he would drop the Aqua Strider. I checked in on her every hour or so and did catch him a few times, but no pet yet.

rare pet dudeGive me your pet!

Then I did the Battlefield Barrens weekly on my warlock, which gave her a nice new 489 dress, it’s quite pretty from a transmog point of view. Then I decided she may as well go introduce herself to the Sunreavers on the Isle of thunder but on the way there she killed a rare that dropped a blood soaked invitation. Ever since I realised at level 4 you can buy a pet I’ve been tossing it up in my mind, and Luxy has been doing a series of posts of her experiences and I was starting to get very interested. So once it dropped, all thoughts of the Sunreavers went out of my head and over to the druid to try out this brawling gig.

brawlers guild 1st ach

I’ve been hesitant mainly because I don’t want people to laugh at me when I make some really noobish mistake but once I got in there, I really didn’t care anymore, I was having too much fun and I was cheering on the people so I like to think they were doing the same for me. Bruce went down really easily and so did the next 8 bosses, some were really easy and I surprised myself by how much burst my druid can put out when she tries – starfall, treants, buffed dots from my racial, more starfall all burnt the early bosses down really fast. But I wasn’t kidding myself I knew it would get much much harder. I eventually stopped at one of the bosses that kept putting a ground effect down that would one shot me, I wasn’t moving fast enough and figured I’d come back the next day when I was a bit fresher with hopefully faster reflexes

brawlers guild ach

I decided immediately to hop over to my hunter who I know usually has better survivability than the druid but I wasn’t taking into account her much much lower gear and therefore lower  dps she  has. Hmm is it wrong to want to start raiding on her just so I can get her geared up for Brawler’s guild? She did the first couple of bosses but it was quite slow so I decided to jump off her and start my rounds of Grand Master Pet Tamers for the bags which I did and then I looked at the clock and oh somehow it had got quite late without me realising.

So I headed off for bed, pretty amazed at how much I had packed into one night.


4 thoughts on “What my Saturday night looked like

  1. I totally understand wanting to gear up another toon for brawling. It is the reason my shaman was leveled to 90 in the first place! It’s so much fun and you just want to keep going. Well done on getting all of those bosses down!

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