Learning to be a Boomy

Since the raid team worked out that there are a few upcoming fights that are going to be 2 healed I’ve been working on being a boomy. I’m not 100% decided if I really like the idea of it but I’m working with it.

We did a clear of ToT tonight and I healed on Dark Animus and Lei-Shen and boomied on the rest. With the bit of gear I’ve gotten my dps has come up a bit  but on prolonged boss fights I’m a lot lower than the others still.

dps for primordius

This was our dps on Primordius tonight. On stand still fights I don’t do too bad (well yeah I do but I’m focusing on being above the tanks, above the tanks is good) , but there’s a lot of room for improvement still, hopefully gear will help smooth that out.

The hardest thing I’m trying to do is work out what gear is best for both specs without making either lag behind. It’s a juggling act and seeing it looks like I’m going to be dpsing more in normal clears then I should put my better gear on my dps set so I don’t look so noticeably low. But that sucks because I’m a healer and I want the shiny best pieces for my healing set.

I got tier shoulders tonight and gloves suited for boomy so I feel like it’s Christmas but I haven’t turned the tier shoulder in yet because of this horrible indecision of which set should get priority and how to make the best of both sets.

This is my dilemma, I have a 4 tier set on my resto (Head, Chest, Gloves, Legs) and a 2 set on my balance (Head, Gloves). Logically I should give the tier to my boomy set because then as soon as I get another piece, lfr or normal then I’ll have my 4 set bonus but……

I’ve wanted tier shoulders for my resto set for ages as I then could swap out my tier chest for this non-tier piece which I think despite the lack of a gem socket is a better piece because of the mastery and spirit  on it (Ive been using  it  on my boomy set despite mastery being fairly useless but with the only other option being a 483 ilvl piece, I’m going with the mastery chest).

So that means if I did turn the tier shoulders into resto tier, I’d still have a 4 set for resto and could swap out the tier chest for the non-tier one with mastery on it. I could then put my resto tier chest on my boomy, though obviously I wouldn’t get a bonus from it, it would still be good as the chest has a huge chunk of crit on it, my best boomy stat.

The resto tier shoulders are much better than the non-tier ones I have on now and I could then pass the non-tier shoulders I’ve been using to my boomy set, they aren’t a bad boomy choice.

Though  I worry then that maybe the shoulders would be better going to boomy tier as I wouldn’t then have a wasted piece of tier, though I do wonder why my resto chest has the best boomkin stats on it.

By the way – just in case you’re interested in how my mind works, this is how I wrote the above paragraph the first time, I think I lost even myself in it.

So I can put the tier shoulders on my resto set and give my non-tier shoulders to my boomy set which then because I have a 4 set of tier on my resto set, I can use the off-tier chest piece which means I could then put my resto  tier chest on my boomy (which has a ton of crit on it, much better for boomy imo).. but should I put the tier on my boomy set seeing I already have a 4 set for resto even though the stats aren’t as optimal.

This is going to gnaw at me  all night and I have to make a decision before raid night tomorrow. And then I just know I’m going to think I’ve made the wrong choice. And looking at things like askmrrobot.com isn’t helping, because if I look at his opinion on what shoulders are better for resto spec, he wants to convince me that boomy tier shoulders are better for me than resto ones.


hmm.. the issues of being a swinging hybrid class. Any and all advice would be cheerfully taken.

boomy purple boomy


One thought on “Learning to be a Boomy

  1. I hate having to make these choices. Wish there was a better way, cause from what I read about raiders, this switch-up happens all the time, or seems to be more prevelant. I have damn near given up on my heal/dps characters, but I still reallly appreciate good posts like this one, walking me through it.

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