Darnassian Druids in Ghostlands

While I was exploring around Ghostlands trying to pick up a Larva battlepet, I came across this strange little island full of Darnassian Druids. It’s called Shalandis Isle.

Ghostlands Map

It seems very out of place but there is a horde quest that links to it, Into Occupied Territory.  The Druids are only level 14 so I was able to explore pretty easily. It’s a very pretty little Island with a few Moonwells and a number of little tents.

Druid Ship druids in ghostlands druids in ghostlands1 druids in ghostlands2 druids in ghostlands3  druids in ghostlands5

One thing that is really noticeable is the amazing Night Elf soundtrack; it’s only played on this Island and in Temple of the Moon in Darnassus and is really lovely. I spent quite a while up there prowling around and having a listen.

Unfortunately the little level 14 Druids didn’t like my presence very much.

druids in ghostlands4

It’s definitely worth a sightseeing detour if you’re up that way.


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