Qiraji Guardling Goodness

I have my very own Qiraji Guardling, which I am very happy about. I had been checking in with my mage who has been sitting on the sand down in Silithus for a bit now, but in all that time I have only seen one spawn and my server is really heavily camped as it’s a big cross realm zone.

So I had the idea of trying one of the two realms in-game that don’t have  CRZ (cross realm zone); Venture Co and Ravenholt. I decided to give Venture Co a go. My friend Call who is very into battlepets was online so I invited her along. Venture Co is a RP/PVP realm and I had no idea how populated it would be so wasn’t really expecting much luck but figured it would be a fun Saturday afternoon filler. We both made Taurens and set about the task of moving level 1’s from Thunderbluff to Silithus.  Luxy kindly offered me a flight down there as she has a toon on a US realm but I didn’t want to put her to too much trouble seeing there were two of us and so Call and I set off on our journey.

call and i

We started out by running out of Thunderbluff and down through into the Southern Barrens. Which is where I had my first glimpse of what this realm might be like for pet hunting.. there were Giraffe Calfs everywhere!! On my realm they are pretty scarce.

family of giraffes

We decided to pet battle our way across the country to get a bit of xp, but the opportunities were a bit limited as you can’t battle in combat and we were in combat a lot. But nevertheless we tried, and on my second Giraffe calf batttle, I found a rare. I was so excited.

Giraffe fight

From Southern Barrens we jumped off the cliff into 1000 Needles and swam along the cliffs to where the path is up to Tanaris. Across Tanaris to the edge of Un’goro Crater where we cliff jumped again and then skirted around the top edge of Un’goro until we found the pass to Silithus.


Then it was a relatively easy run down the middle of Silithus to the Scarab Wall.  There were a few people flying around but not that many, especially compared to my home server. An Alliance Monk did take a liking to us and killed us both quite a few times until he got bored and moved on. We were both impressed by the level 2 human priest that was out there, I wonder if they made a journey like we did.

Call and I at Scarab wall

Then Call spied a paw print and she was off and captured a Guardling. I saw a spawn about 5 mins later but it was too close to a mob which killed me and the pet was engaged in battle while I rezzed. About 1/2 hour later another paw print came up, Call spied it first and pointed it out to me. I expected fully to be attacked while I was battling but wasn’t and managed to be the owner of my own Guardling.

call and I w guardlings

This was a lot more fun than camping on my mage :).  I like this realm a lot so I probably won’t delete this toon but might even level it up a bit. I was having a conversation with a DK who had come out to try his luck and he mentioned that his Aunty likes this realm for pet hunting, so it might not be the best kept secret but it seems like a good place.


10 thoughts on “Qiraji Guardling Goodness

    • ty 🙂 We did stand at the wall for a bit and say hmm what now, after being on the move for so long. We weren’t really expecting to see pets but yay 🙂

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