Pet Parade

I think it’s starting to get out that I really like collecting pets and its started to rain pets lately.  I received two a few weeks ago and have been meaning to show them off here. The  third I got tonight so I thought I should do a proper thank you for them.

Eighteen, the shadow priest from my raid group picked up the pygmy direhorn from Horridon a while back and then decided to give it to me which I was so surprised about. I tried to convince him to sell it on the AH  but it seems he had tried that and wasn’t having too much luck. I tried not to sound too over the top excited in raid chat when he said he had  posted it to me tonight but oh this pet is gorgeous. He runs around you in a big circle if you’ve stood in one place for too long. Btw,  Eighteen would like you all to note the fact he is 7ft tall with wavy hair and bulging muscles :).


Snoo gave us a matching set of Blossoming Ancients; these little guys are seriously cute.  I like anything Druidish and they definately suit. They roar a lot and drop flowers at random times and if you look really closely at them they have little gnome faces. They change their foliage with each season and I can’t wait for winter because the frosty little trees look the cutest I think. They are in their spring outfit in the photo.


My alliance guildie, Merlin gave me a  Coilfang Stalker  which is great because that means I don’t have to try to get though Lady Vashj, the end boss in Serpentshrine Cavern anymore. This pet is part of the Raiding with Leashes II achievement. I’ve been taking my hunter in there and despite that boss being able to be soloed I still have a lot of trouble with her and haven’t been able to get past her on my own. I think Merlin took pity on me after one too many exclamations in guild chat.

coilfang stalker

The hard part will be deciding which pet to level up next; all 3 of them have really interesting abilities and are really cute.

A big thank you to my friends who help enable me in my pet collecting obsession :).


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