I need a new hunter transmog

Out of all my toons I find transmogging my hunter the hardest. There are no full sets of hunter tier I like and while I’ve picked up bits and pieces of mail here and there, I haven’t found a set I like for long.  And its not like I don’t have a fair few choices already; this is my hunter’s bank.. full of clothes and nothing to wear.


I tried having her transmogged to my version of what a sentinel would wear but it got old.

hunter transmog 1

She’s been in pink fluffly feathers before. In fact this was the first transmog I ever did for her, but now I look and think ugh.


I’ve had her dressed as a dress wearing hunter, twice.. but it just doesn’t suit a hunter in my opinion.


It’s definately time to figure out what I can put her in. After having a play around with Mogit, I came up with two outfits I like.

hunters transmog 6 hunter transmog 5

The only problem is both of them are going to require pretty significant farming for the pieces I don’t have. Why is the hunter so fussy?


4 thoughts on “I need a new hunter transmog

  1. It’s not just hunter! I find I have the same problems with shaman transmog. Mail is tricksy! Or we are fussy. I like to put hunters in gear to make them look like shaman but so much farming and my hunter is pretty neglected.

  2. I actually like the shaman dresses but my shaman is a draenei and I don’t like dresses on draenei’s. So she doesn’t get to wear the pretty shaman dresses/skirts. However I love the hunter mail outfits on a draenei… I think my two classes/races need to be swapped over to make their outfits work /sigh if only I could be a night elf shaman

  3. I particularly like the black outfit. Personally I find that the items I like the most are always the ones with the smallest drop chance regardless of which class I’m trying to kit out. It’s like transmogrification has it’s own RNG rules and they hate me.

  4. I agree, I can’t count the amount of times I’ve seen a piece I like, only to find out it’s got a 0.01% chance of dropping if you hit the boss 5 times only on a Tuesday(or so it feels). So far I have the gloves and chest piece for the green set and gloves and chest piece for the black set and I”m now locked out of the raids for the other pieces until reset.

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