Making a list

I’m a huge list maker. I like having a visible list of what I want to do and then putting lines through the things I’ve got done; makes me feel accomplished. So with a month free before I need to consider another essay, that pretty much equals copious amounts of wow time for me. Therefore I decided I should have a list of goals to get through in that time; it’s probably going to be more ambitious that what I eventually get through but I can try.

So this is what I want to get done by the 29th July.

  1. Level the warlock’s engineering to 600 (only  5 levels to go, this is here so I can definitely cross something off
  2. Get the Monk to 90 (2 levels to go)
  3. Get the horde priest and paladin to 90 (8 levels to go)
  4. Start taking the priest and pally into Molton core for the transmog tier in there
  5. Level the priest’s enchanting and tailoring to 600 (I’m getting sick of not having an enchanter/tailor horde side)
  6.  Keep the mage questing at the Tournament grounds (only 21 commendations to go for a pet)
  7. Level another Worgen on the 2nd account to see if I can get a better breed of Gilnean Raven; I haven’t seen any on the AH in weeks. If that fails, level a 3rd Worgen on the 3rd account..(yes 3 accounts, best if you don’t ask).
  8. Have all the 90s at 480ilvl or above (hmm if I’m about to add 3 new 90s this might not happen)
  9. Get another toon properly raid ready. Since going to just having the druid raiding I’m starting to get sick of only having one raiding toon. The night elf priest is probably the closest sitting on a 508 ilvl but it’s not really high enough for me to feel comfortable pugging in on a run and even if I don’t actually do it, I feel naked without having another toon ready. I’m thinking at least 515.

Goal 8 and 9 might be a bit too ambitious for 29 days but I’ll see how I go and do a follow up post to see what I did get through.


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