The Longest Day

This is an achievement I’ve been wanting to do for a while, I just needed to wait until I found a day where I wouldn’t be interrupted.

the longest day ach

I set the game stop watch and it took me 4hr 49min. I was doing this on one toon though; I was a bit worried that swapping between alliance and horde toons might cause a conflict so I decided just to do it all on the horde druid. She has her hearth set to Pandaria with all the portals and can use the cataclysm portals in Orgrimmar as well as teleport to Moonglade so she’s pretty much got every continent covered with the minimum of fuss.

I started with Kalimdor and then moved in order of expansion; Outland, Northrend,  Cataclysm and then Pandaria. It wasn’t too bad, but I was finding myself getting a tad cranky with the RNG on the Flowing Pandarian Spirit. He kept killing my team that I use to beat him with every day, so I ended up giving up on him in disgust and came back to him last. I had a moments worry when I finished and I didn’t get the achievement until I realised somehow I had over looked a Northrend tamer so a quick trip back there was needed.

It gave quite a good amount of rewards. I got 3 battles stones from the bags; undead, humanoid  and a beast. You also get a non-family specific stone as the achievement reward (still bugged; I had to submit a ticket to get the stone sent to me). Selling the junk from the bags netted 976g and a ton of bandages along with magical mini-treats, biscuits and grooming kits. It was definitely a good achievement to do but I don’t know if I’d want to do it again in one stretch like that again.

I made a printable checklist of all the tamers  which made it easier to just tick off the ones I had done. You can download it here: Tamer checklist.


14 thoughts on “The Longest Day

  1. True, I didnt expect the junk in the bags to mount up so fast. I did have a few extra bags as the druid about 1/2 way through Kalimdor started having quests to kill the low level tamers and each one gave a bag; that was a nice surprise.

  2. It does feel great but if I was to do it again, I would do it in the reverse order so I’m doing the easy ones last as my patience for pet battling started to wear thin as I got a bit tired lol. Are you having trouble getting your stone? I hope it arrives soon, I was pretty lucky in that it only took overnight for them to get back to me.

  3. Gratz! I was going to do this a few weekends ago but decided to level a few more pets up in preperation. I also need to dfeat all of the Pandaren Spirit Tamers yet 😦 It’s such a shame about the stone still being bugged, another reason why I’m not too fussed about doing it asap but it would be nice to ‘tick it off’.

  4. Big congratulations! It must feel good to get that done. I’m surprised that the stone is still bugged, you’d think it would be easier to fix it than deal with all the tickets.

  5. Tx Navi 🙂 It didn’t feel quick lol but it helped I had made a spreadsheet of all the pets I used against all the different Cata/Pandaria tamers and spirits so I didn’t have to try to work out which pets I used to beat them. I really should use my petbattleteams addon to save the teams, that would make it faster.

    • Pretty much vanity items. The grooming kit makes your pet sparkle, the mini treats 1/2 the pets size and the biscuits increase their size. You can also get items like balls to play fetch with and different types of leashes. Most have a low vendor price if you don’t want to keep them.

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