A friend of mine picked up a Tideskipper pet which just happened to be the last pet I needed to learn for Raiding with Leases II achievement and she very kindly lent me it so I could get the achievement.

tito 4

The main reason I wanted this achievement was because of  Tito, the pet that you get as a reward for completing it. The original Tito  is  summoned by Dorothee, a boss in the Opera House event in Karazhan.  The battlepet Tito comes with the coolest idle animation I have seen; he summons a tornado complete with house and cows which sucks him up and deposits him back down again a short distance away. It seems to occur around every 5 mins.

tito 2 tito 5

tito 1

This is seriously one of the best things I’ve seen.

I also loved the sound of his level 20 ability, Buried Treasure, where he digs up a bone to eat and heal. I immediately rushed away and levelled him up so I could see what it looked like.

tito 7

This is definitely making the list of my favourite pets.


13 thoughts on “Tito

  1. Oh! I’ve been very patient about the Tideskipper dropping as he’s my last too. But now I can’t wait. Must have Tito! That is the best animation ever, reminds me of the movie Twister.

  2. I know about feeling impatient; the friend I borrowed the tideskipper from is very patient, she’s happy to wait until she owns all the pets to get Tito, but once I saw his animation.. I couldn’t wait, I wanted him straight away!.

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