I got the digging bug

I had a bit of a wait for a lfr que so I decided to spend the time levelling up my druid’s Archeology skill. I have Archeology on my mage but I don’t spend much time on her anymore and I figured it would be a good way to pass lfr que times. So I’m going to be spending time in the old world zones looking for Fossil digs. Why Fossil? Because they have the chance to contain two pets; the Fossilized Hatchling and the Pterrordax Hatchling. I’m spending my time in Kalimdor as that seems to have the highest chance to get fossil digsites as there are only 3 different types of digsites; Night Elf, Fossil and a few Troll. Eastern Kingdoms includes Dwarf digsites. I’ll probably level to 600 without actually leaving Kalimdor.

The first  thing I noticed is that levelling archeology is much easier now. Since MOP went live  there were a few changes to archeology; an increase in the  number of times you can dig in a place to 6 which saves a ton of flying and  you also get between 5 and 9 pieces per solve. And I just discovered that you get a skill up each time you dig a piece up rather than each time you do a solve that I remember. This makes levelling way faster than it used to be.

digging 1 digging 2 digging 3

It’s getting addictive, each time I think ok had enough, I then immediately think just one more site.

So in a few hours of digging this afternoon, this is what I’ve unearthed.

  • Queen Azshara’s Dressing Gown – BOA int/cloth robe
  • Highborne Soul Mirror
  • Fossilized Hatchling
  • Drums of War (not actually solved yet, I need a few more troll pieces)
  • 13 Grey items – total vendor value 190g

One of the  grey items is the Chest of Tiny Glass Animals; the name just seems so evocative. It’s included in the achievement Tragedy in Three Acts. I wish it was a rare and would let you open it to display little glass animals similar size to companion pets.

There are five pets in total  that you can get through Archeology:

  1. Fossilized Hatchling – Fossil
  2. Pterrordax Hatchling -Fossil
  3. Voodoo Figurine – Troll
  4. Clockwork Gnome – Dwarf
  5. Crawling Claw– Tol’vir

10 thoughts on “I got the digging bug

    • Ty, my druid is having incredible luck or they have increased the drop rates on rares significantly since I last did it. I’ll post soon on all my treasures 🙂

  1. Gratz on the achievs. I love a bit of archaeology when I’m in a queue or just to fill some time. I have 4/5 of the pets – I’m yet to make the Claw. I love the raptor mount too!

    • I haven’t seen the Claw yet, I was really excited after hitting high enough level to dig in Uldum I had 3 digsites in a row there. Never saw that on my mage, so I was hopeful but only 2 commons came out of it.

  2. I totally understand the bug – when I decide to pick Archeo up I really get into it. I kind of binge, which is probably a bad relationship, but I do enjoy it 😀

    • lol that is exactly how I feel. For a few days all I wanted to do is dig, the bug is still there. I want to head over and turn over troll digsites since I’ve only been in Kalimdor and have hardly seen any sites apart from fossil and nelf..

  3. 🙂 It is in a way and it comes with enough rewards that keep it interesting. I like the changes that were made. Having to interrupt and move every 3 digs was annoying and now with the increase in piece items, it’s possible to do a solve from one dig site which keeps the flow going.

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