How to make Archeology interesting

Just keep giving me enough rares that I can’t tear myself away. Either my druid has incredible luck (which seems unlikely seeing how often she doesn’t get the loot she wants) or they have signficantly increased the drop rates on rares in the old Archeology zones and I missed the patch notes along the way.

I originally started the digging trek to see if I could get the Pterrodax Hatchling. It’s from a fossil solve so that meant I concentrated solely on Kalimdor where there are very few dwarf and troll digs and tons of night elf and fossil drops. I’ve levelled Arch before on my mage but it was quite painful and I didn’t bother to read any of the associated stories that come with the solves, common or otherwise.  This time I did and it was pretty interesting and to make it more so, the druid kept turning up rares. I’m not sure if it had something to do with the way I was solving things; I would wait until I had enough pieces of a type that I could do 3 or more solves in one go, or if it was just pure luck. But along the way to 600 my druid found the following treasures:

arch 1

I love that she now has a matching mount and pet, even if they are boney dinosaurs

arch 3

and the Pterrodax Hatchling that started me digging

arch 4

and this one is the Bones of Transformation, which turns me into a Naga for 20secs. I had seen people turn into this illusion but wasn’t sure where it came from.

arch 2

I do like the little archology vanity items.  I also came across this really interesting article on Archeology that theorizes that you have more luck finding rares if you are above a certain skill level and you haven’t solved many commons: their words are better to explain how the game decides what solve you get.

Basically, it rolls a number and checks it against the total list of all possible artifacts. Rares are, obviously, harder to hit and it’s possible that the epic rares have the lowest drop rate of all (as compared to, say, the kaldorei wind chimes). If the game lands on an item the player is not eligible for, it rerolls. This is the important part. There are only three main reasons a player can be ineligible for an artifact: 1). Their skill is too low 2). It’s a rare the player has already completed 3). It’s a repeat of a common artifact when the player has yet to complete all available common artifacts. Basically, you have a higher chance of getting a rare when it’s coupled with incomplete commons than its actual drop rate would suggest due to these free rerolls. In fact, the probability of getting the rare increases each time you complete another common until you’ve completed all the commons. – Wow Dig Site

I’m not sure if the above is true or not  but I like their reasoning so to test it out I’m going to head over to Eastern Kingdoms and concentrate on troll digs as I have only solved 2 Troll finds, 1 rare and 1 common. Now I’m at 600, if the above theory is right then I should have a higher chance of getting troll rares.


10 thoughts on “How to make Archeology interesting

  1. Hmm, that is interesting. I have all the rares aside from a few weapons. I don’t think I will ever bother with them although I have 200 of those artifact things I could turn in.

    • wow that is so cool. I haven’t started in pandaria on the druid yet. I did a bit on the mage just to try to get the archeology off-hand for casters.

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