It’s not surprising given this is a game with real people, as opposed to surprisingly animated NPC’s, that we do form connections in this game. I can’t get over how lucky I feel at times to know the people I do.

Some are small fleeting connections like the people who join in with me on rp adventures and who I never see again. Then I have the connection with my raid team, I spend up to 12 hours a week with these 9 other people so it’s not surprising you start to feel closer to them and you have lots of little in-jokes like the way Flaming, Visage and I always walk around in cat form together. The 3 of us form the left stacking group on Iron Qon and it’s become a weekly ritual to be cats together (got to love potion of illusion). Sometimes extending into other bosses.  Sometimes all it takes is a ‘you ok?’ whispered to a team member after a bit of tension to help tie the connections that bit tighter.

Then there are all the people I’ve discovered through blogging. It’s hard not to feel close to people whose thoughts you read every morning over breakfast and sometimes mull about those thoughts for a while. And even more exciting when they talk back to you either through comments or in-game, again more of those connections.

And once in a while you find some really special people through this video game. Like the friend who sends your kids a care package because one of them has come down with mumps over the school holidays and is bouncing off the walls because they can’t go out into society for risk of infecting others. A huge thank you to Cahl for being a friend in-game and out.

And another thanks to all the people I have met through this blog and through chance meetings in the world of Azeroth. It may be a virtual environment but the connections that are made there are pretty special.


12 thoughts on “Connections

  1. More than anything else, I think the connections you’ve made in WoW say a lot about how amazing you are as a person. I love reading your blog and hearing about your adventures. Most of all, every time I’ve posted something about getting an achievement or having a crappy day or something, a little pst pops up from you with a “grats! :)” or “you ok?” and it’s just very sweet and always makes me smile. I’m glad to know you – I think you’re pretty neat 🙂

    My point is, you get out what you put in.

    P.S – did the Elvui debuffs work properly in the end? I noticed they worked well on my party frames dungeoning last night, but I don’t know what’s missing so maybe they were actually being rubbish!

  2. That’s really sweet of you Cinder, but I really think I’ve just been so lucky to come across some really nice ppl 🙂 You included!
    Yes the debuffs did end up showing up. Ty for the help, at the start I couldn’t see the mass rez or arcing lightning debuff on the frames which was making it really annoying. I do like that addon, some things are buried deep in the menu though.

    • 🙂

      With the arcing lightning, I haven’t had that set up in Elvui previously, but have been getting a little table telling me who still has it on them. I’m wondering if that comes from DBM… might be helpful too? I’ll look in to it tonight when I get home from work.
      I actually wanted to be able to see who had the stacks of Scorched on them, how many, and how long they had until they ran out. Did you happen to notice if that showed up? I should do some proper research on it. I’ll let you know if I figure any of it out!

      • No I didn’t notice that, though it could be there. I saw that little table but I generally move it off to the side so it’s not really used. I like to be able to see everything on the little raid panels. I’ll still have to play with it.

    • lol ty :). I was about to ask how the wilds are going but I just read the gnome’s tales.. I’m trying to think of a reply but I’m sorry I’m giggling. I shouldn’t because the mage might incinerate me but oh boy.. 🙂 Hope it keeps improving.

    • That is so great 🙂 I shouldn’t be surprised, after a person who loves wow talking to other people who love wow, it’s bound to be a hit 🙂

  3. To echo what has already been said, in many ways it’s the community (blogging included) which keeps me playing. Every time I go to quit, I end up getting pulled back in because I can’t bring myself to delete the WoW blogs I read from my reader.

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