Stealth Elf

I’ve just learnt all about Skylanders; it’s super fun according to the junior gamers that flit around here. A game by Activision and oh boy the characters are so cute.. wait what? You’re telling me this is a game for kids.. pfft not listening, this game is so cute.

When I can pry their little fingers off the controllers I want to be..

stealth elf 2stealth elf 4

Stealth Elf

Wonder if I could make a wow rogue transmog to look like this.


7 thoughts on “Stealth Elf

  1. I know right :). I tried to make a night elf (the colour and size screams goblin but a night elf for the hair) called Stealth Elf last night. Do you know there are 209 wow players called Stealth Elf and almost all the oceanic realms have a stealth elf /cry. Amusingly a few were warriors and a dk.. I can see the name fitting a rogue or a druid even, but a warrior?? Doesn’t fit in my mind.

  2. LOL! It does look like a goblin! I actually have a friend named steahtyelfie or something similar, though I’m sure he chose it just because he is a Belf Rogue.

    Don’t really see it suiting a warrior at all! Maybe they use a lot of invis pots!

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